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ArchPatent is a free patent search application created by Arch Data Intelligence, Inc. Users can currently search through:[1]

  • Issued US patents from 1976-2011, full text
  • Issued US patents from 1920-1979, text searchable through OCR

Users can register an account and access additional tools and content:[1]

  • Your own workspace, where you can save searches and patents.
  • Full access to the patent filters.
  • PDF and Image downloads back to 1790.

ArchPatent Pro (paid) accounts have access to the following additional tools and content:[2]

  • USPTO Patent Assignment data back to 1980, including history and sorting.
  • Patent alerts for new filings, grants, and reassignments.
  • Ad-free interface.


Users can browse through patents by category or search the patent collections through two available search forms, basic and advanced. On the homepage below the quick search form, users can select to browse by patent classification.

The two search forms include:

  • Basic search: A simple keyword search form that accepts Boolean operators and lets the user select patent type, status, and patent series. If a search option isn't available, the check box next to it is grayed out.
  • Advanced search: Keyword search within fields (full text, document number, title, claims, applicant/inventor, assignee, examiner, agent/attorney), select desired patent type/status/series, and search within a range of filing or issue dates.

Within the search result list, users can sort, save, view and filter their data in a variety of ways:

  • Re-rank the search results in ascending or descending order according to patent number, US Classification System, or issue date.
  • Check boxes next to each result in the hit list allow registered users to save selected results to a personal workspace.
  • Users can select the invention number or title to view the full document record.
  • Users can select the "View PDF" link beside each result to view a PDF version of the document on Google Patent.
  • A sidebar beside the results contains a number of filters which users can apply (US Classification, assignee, examiner, agent, applicant). According to an informational pop-up on the filter, "for unregistered users the lists are limited to the top 10 values in each filter, ordered by hit count. Our registered users enjoy the ability to load up to 1,000 values in each filter - and to sort them alphabetically or by occurrence."[3]

Filter search results or save them to a personal workspace.

On the full record of a document, users can select to download the PDF version of the document, save it to the personal workspace, email the document, or print the document. The full record view includes the following sections:

  • Overview (bibliographic data)
  • Classifications
  • Patent images (view through Google Patent)
  • References
  • Referenced by
  • Abstract
  • Claims
  • Full description

Search keywords are highlighted throughout the document record.

Within the workspace section, registered users can view their Saved Patents list, Saved Searches list, and their most recent 100 search queries.


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