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Starlight Information Visualization System is an information visualization and analysis tool developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).[1] Starlight was produced by PNNL and Batelle prior to 2006, but Future Point Systems acquired the rights to jointly distribute Starlight with PNNL in 2006.[2][3] Since licensing and distribution for the product is currently handled by Future Point Systems (FPS), users must contact FPS in order to purchase the product.[4]

Starlight is able to "capture and graphically portray relationships among multiple pieces of information of various types, such as text documents, database records, images, maps, and Web pages."[5] Starlight is made up of a "collection of Windows applications and services configured in a client-server architecture,"[6] and main features of the system include:[7]

  • Maps in GeoTiff format[8]
  • Information fusion among disparate data sets
  • Import of commonly-used file types, including Microsoft Office documents (Excel, Power Point and Word), PDF documents, txt files, HTML, CSV files, PST files, ZIP files, and XML
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA)
  • Simultaneous visualizations:
    • Free-text clustering/summarization
    • Network analysis
    • Hierarchical organizations
    • Geospatial relationships
    • Temporal relationships
    • Category memberships
    • Link Charting/Knowledge Manager
    • Multi-dimensional correlation of structured data
  • Project sharing for collaboration by multiple users
  • Search and data filtering capabilities
  • Standalone client or client/server implementation
  • Integration with Google Earth
  • Web reporting to disseminate findings


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