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Introduction is an intellectual property search platform created by the National Center of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus. The homepage of the site is available in English or Russian, and but database interfaces only seem to be available in Russian. Users can utilize Google Translate to translate the database interfaces into their language of choice, and all queries should also be translated to Russian before being entered into the search forms. The database on this website is called the Database of Industrial Property, and users can select the "Database" option from the menu and then choose to search for:[1]

  • Invention (BY documents, beginning from document number 1) - Search within a variety of fields (title, patent number, publication date, application number, filing date, date of publication for application, IPC code, etc).
  • Utility Models (BY documents, beginning from document number 1) - Search within a variety of fields (title, patent number, publication date, application number, filing date, IPC code, etc).
  • Industrial Designs (BY documents, beginning from document number 1) - Search within a variety of fields (title, patent number, date of publication, application number, date of filing, INID code, etc).
  • Trademarks and Service Marks (BY documents) - Search within a variety of fields (title, registration number, date of publication, number, Nice class, owner).

Some help information is given below each search form and beside the individual fields, such as correct query formats and download of Russian-language guides explaining IPC codes, INID codes, International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS), and country codes. The hit lists for each search form retrieves a list of documents relevant to the query, and basic bibliographic data (number, publication date, classification code, title) is given for each result. The user can select any result in the list to view the full record.

For invention and utility model records, users can view the bibliographic information of the document and download a full PDF version of the document (in Russian) by selecting the link "Description of Patent" above the bibliographic data in the full record view. For trademarks and industrial designs, users can view bibliographic information in the full-record view, as well as a thumbnail image of the design or mark below the bibliographic data.

Other Services

On the platform, users can also access:

  • View directories and links to patent attorneys, IP valuers, and other Belarus organizations that are integral to the IP Management system.
  • View IP-related legislation and treaties.
  • View information on the National Intellectual Property Center of Belarus (history, conferences, reports, etc).
  • Learn about the patent and trademark registration process (including fees and forms) in Belarus and internationally.
  • Learn about copyright rules and registration in Belarus.
  • Learn about the Board of Appeals in Belarus (including statistics on decisions and fees).
  • Information on CCM (Collective Management) for copyright (search for authors or works).
  • Training materials for IP professionals.
  • Official publications of the National Intellectual Property Center (bulletins, gazette, newsletter).
  • Contact information for the National Intellectual Property Center .


  1. "Database of Industrial Property." website, Accessed September 23, 2011.

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