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Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) for Science, Research and Development is the free online search platform for information regarding "seventh framework programme (FP7) calls for proposals,"[1] and the platform is created by the Publications Office of the European Union.[2][1] The Help section of the website defines FP7 as:[1]

The short name for Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. This is the EU's main instrument for funding research and development activities covering almost all scientific disciplines and it will run from 2007 to 2013. FP7 is designed to build on the achievements of its predecessor (FP6) towards the creation of the European Research Area, and carry it further towards the development of the knowledge economy and society in Europe.

Key pages and services on CORDIS are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish, the Research*eu magazine on CORDIS is published in English, French, German and Spanish, and CORDIS Wire announcements can be posted in English, French or German.[1] Users can access two RSS feeds through CORDIS: CORDIS News and the IST Results service.[1] Users do not need to be registered to search through CORDIS information services, but users can register to create a free account and gain access to the following features:[3]

  • CORDIS Wire - This service gives users access to information sent to CORDIS by European innovation and research stakeholders.
  • CORDIS Express - Receive by email a weekly briefing on European Research and innovation.
  • E-mail notification - Save any of your CORDIS database search profiles and automatically receive new records which match the profiles (you can change or cancel your search profiles at any time).
  • Partners Service - Enter your company profile into the CORDIS Partners database for potential collaboration in EU programs. You can update them whenever needed.
  • Results Service - The Results Service publishes information about exploitable results of research and development in a range of fields.
  • DOCMAIL - Have large documents from the CORDIS Library sent by e-mail.

Searching CORDIS

Users have many options for searching all of CORDIS:

  • Quick Search - A keyword search form available in the upper right corner of each page.
  • Simple Search - Select information types to search and enter a keyword search term. To access this form, select "Map Search" or "Advanced Search" beneath the Quick Search form in the upper right corner of each page. Users will be taken to the Simple Search form, where all other search options are also available in a side menu.
  • Advanced Search - Advanced search forms with field searching, date ranges, and various filters for different information types (Acronyms, Contacts, Documents, Events, Exploitable Results, Funding, Offers, News, Partners, Programmes, Projects, Wire).
  • Professional Search - Select an information type (listed above) and create a search query in a command line interface using field codes, Boolean operators, and parentheses.
  • Map-based Search - A map interface and search form, where users can select countries from the map to add to a search form and add additional keyword terms to the form. Users must select between two information types to search through: Projects or Results.
  • New Search (Beta) - 3 options, including -
    • Search through a keyword search form
    • A map-based search interface where users can enter keywords, select countries, select program types, and enter addresses and search radius.
    • Advanced search form, including search by keyword, result page options, and various filters (document/program/subject/country). Under the Beta Advanced search form, users can search under a general "Advanced search" tab, an "Only Projects" tab, or an "FP7 Calls" tab.

An option to use a "Conceptual Search" form is no longer available, although the link is still visible in the menu of search options. Users can also browse through the site under six tabs in a horizontal menu at the top of each page:

  • Home - Latest news, research funding information, and events.
  • News - Links to various news topics (FP7, FP6, EU Presidency, etc).
  • Funding - Information on FP7 projects and proposals.
  • Results - Project results, reports, and success stories.
  • Partners - View profiles to search for potential research partners.
  • Go Local - Use a map interface to find country or region-specific information.


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