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Important information

CreationSuite will be shut down April 2014. It will be replaced by PatentInspiration.


CreationSuite is "an online software that extracts meaningful insights from patent documents" and displays these insights through "visualizations," like graphs and diagrams.[1] CreationSuite is a subscription-based resource, and users can purchase personal or company subscription plans.[2]

CreationSuite Features

Features within CreationSuite include:

  • The ability to customize data filters "by combining filter types and using advanced query syntax."[3]
  • Different types of patent analysis: bibliographic, numerical, and text-based.[3]
  • Visualizations of analyzed data.[3]
  • Users can "use output from one search as input for a next search."[3]
  • Email alerts for database updates and query updates.[3]
  • The ability to export to Powerpoint or Excel.[3]
  • The ability to share reports through a "report sharing module."[3]
  • The ability to store a list of patent documents and use the list as a filter or "simply export all documents to Excel or Powerpoint."[3]

Free Resources from AULIVE

Besides the subscription-based CreationSuite, AULIVE also offers free online tools for locating examples of innovation. These tools include:

  • ProductionInspiration - Over 4000 technologies that are classified in a way you can FREELY navigate through new production ways. [4]
  • MoreInspiration - A database of examples of innovation, searchable by industry, property, function, noun, company, or technology.[5]
  • TestMyCreativity - Answer 40 questions and get a FREE assessment of your level of creativity measured across 8 metrics! [5]
  • - An organized list of websites that deal with "creativity and innovation."[6]


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