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Cippix is a subscription database produced by Origenis that covers "chemical entities, bibliography, and English, French, German, and Japanese full text of all published patent applications and granted patent from US, WO, EP, DE, CA, and JP since 1970", and the database is updated weekly.[1] Cippix uses "multilanguage Chemical Content Recognition technology" to identify and translate chemical entities in patent documents into searchable chemical structures.[1] The database covers a wide range of chemicals, including:[1]

  • Drugs
  • Small molecules
  • Polymers
  • Natural products
  • Dyes
  • Peptides
  • Starting materials
  • Key intermediates
  • Solvents
  • R-groups
  • Radicals
  • Catalysts

Users can utilize exact structure, substructure, similarity, full-text and bibliographic searches within Cippix Navigator, and the system is accessed through a certified secure connection.[1]


Features of the Cippix search system include:[2]

  • Retrieval of substances "matching exact or similar IUPAC, trade or trivial names."
  • Cippix View - Read the patent and mouse over the chemical name to view the structure.
  • Keyword searches accross all patents.
  • Retrieval of all substances of one patent or a list of patents.
  • Similarity searches "to identify compounds with similar structure, topology or name."
  • Retrieval of all published names for a given compound.
  • Retrieval of "consolidated patent families by bibliography like priorities, inventors, applicants."
  • Ability to find documents with similar chemical content.
  • Cippix Patent Search Report Creator - Users can generate reports combining full text results and chemical search results. The report creator "automatically associates all substances with all patent documents and creates a report with bibliographic information, patent abstract, full text search snippets, and annotated full text snippets containing the selected compounds." These reports can she "shared, indexed, printed, and read offline."[3]
  • Export of chemical search results in different formats (SMILES, sdf, INCHI, PDF).[3]
  • Export of fulltext or bibliographic search results in different formats.
  • Users can get original PDF documents through links to Espacenet.[4]


Users can purchase a license to utilize Cippix at a flat fee, with no restriction to the number of searches or reports generated.[5] Users can purchase licenses with different duration times, and licenses for groups and company-wide licenses are also available.[5]


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