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Darts-ip is a subscription online database for European IP case law.[1] The following databases are currently accessible through Darts-ip:[1]

  • The European trade mark case law database - Covers 1193 courts and 38 European countries and includes over 266,000 decisions analyzed by trademark practitioners. Includes a general search, point of law (a tree structure that can be compared to the table of content of a handbook on trademark law), verbal trademark comparison, figurative trademark comparison, goods and service comparison, and full text court decisions.[2]
  • Dixit Curia - a knowledge base of CJEU and General Court case law - Offers an overview of how each point of law should be interpreted according to the CJEU and General Court and contains links to all CJEU and General Court decisions, contested decisions of the Board of Appeal, pending cases before the CJEU and opinions of the Advocate General.[2]
  • Domain name database for judicial and ADR decisions (gTLDs and ccTLDs) - Contains over 34,000 decisions analyzed by domain name practitioners and covers European judicial courts. Search by point of law or verbal comparison.[3]
  • Patent case law database - You can search using the general search criteria (party name, patent title etc.) and can perform searches based on very specific points of law. It is also possible to combine the general and point of law searches.[4]
  • Design & Model case law database - Search decisions from Community courts and National courts. You can utilize a general search or search by point of law, Locarno classification, or design and model comparisons.[5]


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