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DeepDyve, created by DeepDyve, Inc., is an online search platform for scholarly journals where users can rent articles to read online for a period of 24 hours or more.[1] DeepDyve contains more than 30 million articles, including content from journals, and government databases (USPTO and Clinical Trials).[2] Much of the content is focused in the Medical and Life Sciences fields.[2] DeepDyve is free to search and preview articles, but users must create an account to rent and read articles. The DeepDyve website explains the process of renting an article:[1]

Rented articles are only accessible via the DeepDyve website and can be read (but not printed or downloaded) from any computer that has a browser and a web connection (see FAQ). Rented articles can be viewed as often as you like until its expiration date.

In order to print or download the article, users can go to the publisher website via a link "Publisher site: Get PDF" under the information section beside the article viewing screen.[2] Users can read some free open-access articles available on the platform.[1]

Major Recent Updates

June 2013 - DeepDyve has released "a new 'freemium' offering whereby users can preview the full text of any article for free for five minutes per day." According to a press release, "with just an email address and password, users can sign up in seconds and gain free access to more than 8 million articles from 3,000 peer-reviewed journals that previously resided behind paywalls. Users can browse and sample as many articles as they wish, however, each article can only be previewed once every 24 hours."[3]


Creating a basic account on DeepDyve is free, but users must provide credit card information during the registration process. Besides the free basic account, where the user pays as they go, users can also register for:[4]

  • Bronze account - 3 articles per month and 7 day viewing period per article.
  • Silver account - 10 articles per month and 7 day viewing period per articles.
  • Gold account - 25 articles per month and unlimited viewing of articles.

Besides articles rental, the basic plan also includes:[2]

  • Suggested articles based on the topics of interests you provide at sign up.
  • Bookmarks to save your favorite articles.
  • Complete history of every article you have viewed and rented.
  • Email or RSS Alerts.


Users can browse the contents of DeepDyve through alphabetical lists of subject areas, journal titles, and publishers. Users also can search the site through a form that accepts word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph-long queries. The search form also lets users select filters, including keyword search in the title, author name, date, journal title, and document type (journal article, medicine information, patent, or clinical trial).

In the hit list, users can view either results from DeepDyve or web results. Users can also filter the hit list by article access (all articles, rentable articles, free articles, or preview only). The hit list results provide basic bibliographic information, the cost of each article, and the option to find "More Like This" for each result.

The full record view includes a preview of the first page of the article and ability to expand the page to full screen (users can navigate through all pages of free articles). The information section beside the article preview includes bibliographic information, link to the publisher site, and a list of "More Like This Article."


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