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The EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) is a customized index of an institution's information resources that gives users access to the content through a single search form.[1] The EBSCO Discovery Service is developed by EBSCO Industries, Inc., who also created the EBSCOhost search platform. According to the EBSCOhost website, the customized EDS index is created by "harvesting metadata from both internal (library) and external (database vendors) sources, and creating a pre-indexed service" that is "indexed directly on the EBSCOhost servers" and uses the EBSCOhost platform for searching.[1]


EDS includes access to the EDS Base Index, which includes content from about 20,000 providers and metadata from 70,000 book publishers. The metadata accessible through EDS also may include:[2]

  • Complete indexing from EBSCOhost databases to which an institution subscribes (e.g., Academic Search, Business Source, CINAHL, Historical Abstracts, etc.)
  • Complete indexing from important non-EBSCOhost databases (to which a customer subscribes), including resources from Alexander Street Press, LexisNexis, NewsBank, Readex, and others
  • Complete OPAC loaded directly into EDS (and searched along with all other EDS content), includes:
    • Real Time availability checks
    • Daily Updates
  • Book jacket images, book records, entertainment records, annotations, family keys, subject headings, demand information, awards, review citations, etc., for hundreds of thousands of publications
  • Institutional archives/repositories that can be directly loaded into EDS and searched as part of the overall experience

Platform Features

The EBSCOhost website lists the search and viewing features of EDS (which uses EBSCOhost as the search platform):[3]

  • Single search box access to the entire collection
  • Guided Style Advanced Search screen with drop-down list of fields in which to search for specific terms
  • Result List limiters and facets in the left-hand column
  • To the right of the Result List, search/content expansion tools: Related Information, access to integrated search (EHIS) connectors, and widgets
  • Checkbox design allows users to select multiple source types, clusters and content providers/databases
  • "Breadbox" tracking enables removal of all user refinements, including limiters and expanders
  • CustomLinks: article-level linking to link resolvers, publisher direct links, ILL, etc.
  • Book jacket image catalog enhancement
  • "Available in Library" collection limiter
  • Simple and Advanced Search Screen options
  • Various Limiters,including:
    • Full text (electronic & print)
    • Peer-reviewed
    • Date Slider
    • Catalog-only Limiter
  • Facets (e.g., subjects, sources, authors, etc.)
  • Open Integration features, including:
    • Skinnable Interface (colors)
    • Branding Options
    • Tool Bar Customization including link wording and destination
    • Importable & Exportable Widgets
  • Persistent Linking & Bookmarkable URLs
  • Enhanced Relevancy Ranking
  • Citation Formatting (including APA, MLA, etc.)
  • Bibliographic Export Feature
  • Availability on mobile devices
  • Search Box Builder tool
  • Full text searching
  • Guest/non-authentication access

Users can learn more about the EBSCOhost platform by reading the Intellogist Report on EBSCOhost.


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