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FOCUST is a subscription-based patent search and analysis system created by Wisdomain, and the system includes patent search, analysis, report generation, and patent management functions.[1] FOCUST offers full-text search for US, EP, JP, and CN patent documents, and other available information includes patent legal status, patent ownership status, and citation information.[2]

The Wisdomain website seems to identify three different versions of FOCUST data coverage: the basic FOCUST, FOCUST (US) for US patent data coverage, and FOCUST-J for Japanese patent data coverage.[1] It is unclear whether all of these versions of FOCUST are included in one subscription package, or if the user needs to subscribe to each version separately.

The tables below from the Wisdomain website illustrate the data coverage for independent processed data, patents in English, patents in Korean, and patents in Japanese:[2]

Independent Processed Data
Data Coverage Area Timeline
Life Status U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Patent Genealogy U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Patent Ownership Status U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Citation information U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Applicant standard name U.S. Patents 1976 ~ Present
Key point of invention Japanese Patents 1964 ~ Present
Representative Drawing All data
(Excluding US-Old, CP, CU)
Timeline according to data
INPADOC Family All data
INPADOC Legal Status All data

Patents in English
Data Timeline Coverage
Patents registered in the U.S. 1976 ~ Present  
Patents registered in the U.S. (Before 1975) 1790 ~ Present  
Patents published in the U.S. 2001 ~ Present  
Patents registered in Europe 1981 ~ Present  
Patents published in Europe 1978 ~ Present  
English abstracts of Korean patents 1979 ~ Present  
English abstracts of Japanese patents 1976 ~ Present  
Patents published in Germany 1952 ~ Present Representative Drawing:
Quarterly Update
Patents registered in Germany 1877 ~ Present
Patents published in France 1933 ~ Present
Patents registered in France 1900 ~ Present
Patent published in U.K. 1840 ~ Present
Patents registered in U.K. 1980 ~ Present
International applications
(PCT applications)
1978~ Present  
Chinese patents 1985 ~ Present Quarterly update
Chinese utility models 1985 ~ Present

Patents in Korean
Data Timeline Coverage
Korean patents 1948 ~ Present  
Korean utility models 1948 ~ Present  
Japanese patents 1993~ Present  
Japanese patents (Before 1992) 1928~1992 PDF provided through patent
number search
Japanese utility models 1993 ~ Present  

Patents in Japanese
Data Timeline Coverage
Japanese patents 1964 ~ Present Data prior to 1992 provided
through OCR text search
Japanese utility models 1964 ~ Present
Japanese patent progress 1964 ~ Present Examination information,
Trial information,
Registration information
Japanese patent genealogy 1964 ~ Present  
Japanese citation information 1964 ~ Present  


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