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THIRDSPACE is the working name of a value-added patent collection and search platform being developed by H.M. Pharma Consultancy, a company based in Vienna Austria. The collection will be centered around specific "innovation-intense and well-defined fields in the life sciences," and an initial prototype has been developed in the field of opthamology.[1] [2]

The patent documents in THIRDSPACE will be presented as searchable PDFs that will be fully machine-readable and error-free, with any OCR problems corrected. These PDFs will be interactive, and can be datamined and annotated. [1] [2]

The primary purpose of the THIRDSPACE tool will be knowledge management, however, the tool may have some utility for patentability and freedom-to-operate searches in the focus subject areas. [2] The system is currently in production for launch in 2014.[2] Advance use of the alpha opthamology collection is cited in multiple journal papers, some of which are available for download from Pubmed links on the H.M. Pharma website.

Mucke, Hermann. LinkedIn posting to Patent Landscape Innovations group, September 03 2010:

Searchability of patent PDFs - in the sense that the document is fully machine-readable with all OCR errors corrected and a fully preserved layout - is a feature which, to the best of my knowledge, no vendor currently provides. It is one thing to have an OCR engine run over batches of standard bitmap PDFs, to produce a document which has raw and error-riddled digital text (basically the same as in Patentscope and Googgle[sic] Patents) invisibly underlying the bitmap. Producing truly content-identical PDFs that can be directly datamined and annotated is an entirely different matter. Our own system (working name THIRDSPACE) will do this - and much more - for certain focus areas of medical patents. Its not ready yet, and it will take us a while to complete it. However, the papers listed on our website under "Patenting in Ophthalmology" have already drawn heavily on the internal alpha version.

Mucke, Hermann. LinkedIn posting to Patent Landscape Innovations group, September 06 2010:

We are not advertising THIRDSPACE yet because its exact timeline will depend on how much external funding the project can attract. Current plans call for “friendly customer” field testing in 2013, and a launch in 2014. We do not aim for global coverage but will rather follow a theme-centered approach, focusing on innovation-intense and well-defined fields in the life sciences. Interactive and annotated machine-readable patent document PDFs, rebuilt from the original and corrected for content identity, with links for every in-text reference (including chemistry information) will be at the center. Although we believe that THIRDSPACE will be perfect for prior art and FTO searches, its primary purpose will be knowledge management. Our data acquisition work on the ophthalmology pilot module (working name REDWING) has already demonstrated the potential on this concept.


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