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DWPI on Delphion is no longer available, as of March 31, 2012. DWPI data is available on the Thomson Innovation platform.

Patent Copies

Delphion provides options for obtaining individual PDF copies and bulk PDF downloads. Although the bulk downloading interface is reasonably well-designed, Delphion’s pricing is high, especially for those without an already costly subscription.

Ordering the individual documents is a simple matter of clicking on the PDF icons that appear next to the document number in a hit list or “work file”– or at the top of the page in the full text view. The document loads in a web browser and may be saved directly to local drives. As of July 2007, individual PDF copies of documents can be obtained for free (US, EP or WO/PCT documents) or purchased for $3 (all other national collections) through Delphion. Two different icons represent free and $3 downloads, to differentiate them for the user.

Individual downloading is performed via the PDF icons. Different icons represent free and pay downloads.

Bulk downloading is also possible through Delphion. Up to 500 documents can be ordered via the “PDF Express” feature, which is accessed by clicking a tab at the top of the results page. Users can choose to download PDFs for the entire results set/work file (up to 500 documents), for just the first page of results, or for only selected document numbers. (Selected documents of interest are ticked using the checkboxes to the left of the document numbers.) Once the desired option is chosen, and the individual patents are checked (if applicable), a zip archive of the PDFs will become available from a link in a separate browser window. The user saves the file to a local drive or desktop.

The “PDF Express” bulk downloading interface.

Delphion unlimited subscribers can download free copies of US, EP and WO/PCT documents from the bulk downloading feature – all national collection patents downloaded this way will cost $3.25. For Delphion Premier and Basic subscriptions, all documents ordered through the bulk download feature cost $3.25. (Compare this to the individual document pricing: the US, EP and WO/PCT documents would be free, and national collection documents would all cost $3, when downloaded individually from the program.)

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