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DWPI on Delphion is no longer available, as of March 31, 2012. DWPI data is available on the Thomson Innovation platform.


Automatic, periodic searches, commonly known as alerts or SDIs, may be defined in Delphion from the saved search administration page (henceforth, the “history page”). This service, offered by most major search providers, is a convenient way for users to get updates on patenting activity within a defined set of search parameters.

The alert setup dialog window (for searches of patent office data).

Delphion offers an especially flexible schedule for alerts on patent office data: they may be run weekly, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks (i.e. essentially on a monthly basis), or every time there is a collection update to the selected data sources covered by the alert. These options offer more flexibility than some competitors, which offer just weekly or monthly alerts. Derwent alerts offer all the same capabilities as patent office data alerts as far as update frequency. The Derwent file on Delphion is updated approximately 80 times a year.

In addition to setting the frequency, the system allows the user to choose the date of the first alerts for both Derwent and patent office data searches. This is advantageous because it means the user can define an alert in advance: for example, an alert may be set-up on Monday even if it should be run every Wednesday (the date an alert is run can have some importance. For example, issued US patents are published each Tuesday, so an alert run on Monday would essentially be almost a week behind by the time it is run). Although this seems like a small advantage, it is worth highlighting because some other search services do not offer that flexibility.

After an alert is run, the results are delivered via an e-mail link to the results set. Alternatively, a list of either 5 or 50 titles can be delivered in the body of the notification e-mail, and the user has the option of logging on to the system and checking the full results set him/herself. The user specifies the e-mail address, and can also specify a list of people to receive a copy of the notification on the cc line of the e-mail. Users can choose to be notified every time the search is run, only when new results come up in the results set, or never to be notified at all (presumably the user would have to remember to check for new results on his/her own). Note that alerts can be sent to email accounts that do not have Delphion subscriptions.

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