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DWPI on Delphion is no longer available, as of March 31, 2012. DWPI data is available on the Thomson Innovation platform.

Managing Search Histories

Search history management in Delphion is hindered by the system’s philosophy towards saved queries. There is no way for users to save or organize related queries into a topical search history, as each query is treated and saved separately from the next. This may be a hindrance to users who need to regularly save and report history data along with search results, especially if these users are running several unrelated searches at once.

The figure below shows the saved search administration page, which is accessed via the “Saved Searches” link visible at the top of the screen. Derwent and non-Derwent queries are saved into separate sections on this page.

The Saved Searches page. Derwent and non-Derwent queries are saved separately, but are managed from the same administration page.

In Delphion, completed queries are not automatically saved, even temporarily. Once run, search queries will appear (formatted in Delphion-specific CLI language) in the “Current Results” tab, where they can be subsequently saved to the search history page (via the “Save Search/Create Alert” hyperlink), or edited and re-run through the database.

If the user is sure that a certain query will be a keeper, pre-saved queries can be constructed and run straight from the saved query administration page. However, instead of the typical search forms (e.g. Quick/Number, Boolean, Advanced or Derwent forms), the user must enter the query in the Delphion CLI-type language. Collection and display options may be chosen from this page, but the user will not have the benefit of the pre-defined search form to aid in query construction.

Once a query has been successfully saved in Delphion, additional post-save actions are available: Run, Edit, Clone, or Alert hyperlinks can be chosen for a given query (these functions are exactly the same as those offered by Delphion's sister search product MicroPatent PatentWeb. More on the Edit and Clone options can be found in the Editing Saved Queries section. For more information on Alerts, see the Alerts section. Saved searches may also be “merged” or combined via the Delphion saved search administration page.

Despite some similarities, Delphion differs from MicroPatent in that the number of hits returned for the given query at the time of the search is NOT saved alongside the query language. Instead, the date last run is saved. This may be disadvantageous to a user who wants to keep an accurate record of the number of hits returned at the time the query was run (as discussed above, such information may be useful/necessary for submission alongside search results). A delete function is also available on the history page, for elimination of unwanted queries.

editors note iconEditor's Note:

Not automatically saving user queries is generally considered a disadvantage by most professional searchers. The upside is that informational queries which were not reviewed in full by the user are not saved automatically, making it easy for users to save only the most important queries. However, the disadvantage is that most users would like to have their informational strings saved anyway, as it helps reviewers follow experimental queries: the number of hits produced by these queries can give some insight as to how and why the search progressed as it did.

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