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DWPI on Delphion is no longer available, as of March 31, 2012. DWPI data is available on the Thomson Innovation platform.

Other Operators


Like some other search providers, Delphion offers a thesaurus function to help users find terms related to, or synonymous with, planned keywords. (One notable competitor offering this feature is Minesoft's PatBase.)

Thesauruses usually aid searchers by allowing them to look up related terms and then selectively choose the best out of the suggested alternatives for inclusion in a keyword search.

However, the thesaurus in Delphion is not a separate lookup application, but an actual operator (<thesaurus>) that can be applied in front of a keyword. When the operator is used, the thesaurus will be queried automatically, and all related terms listed in the thesaurus will be counted as keyword hits.

The Delphion help file gives this example:

<THESAURUS> bow <in> TI

The synonyms searched for the word “bow” include: bend, bending, turn, turnable, yield, yielding, curved, curving, round, and crook. The results set was over 10,000 as opposed to the same search string without the thesaurus operator, which returned a results set of over 1,000 at the time searched.

Keyword Weighting and Ranking

Delphion contains several operators that allow users to control keyword weighting and relevancy ranking features. To learn more about these operators, see the Weighting and Ranking Features section of this article.

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