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DWPI on Delphion is no longer available, as of March 31, 2012. DWPI data is available on the Thomson Innovation platform.

System Features

Feature Comments
Browser-based or Desktop interface: Browser-based
Data Coverage
Patent data collections created by topic: None
Contains data indexed by non-patent-office developed classification schemes (e.g. Derwent Manual Codes):   No, DWPI is no longer available on Delphion.
Search Capabilities
IPC code searching: Yes
US Classification searching: Yes
ECLA code searching: Yes
Japanese F-terms or File Indexing: No
Date-limited searching: Yes
Section-specific Text Searching (e.g. a search in “claims only”?): Yes
Country/Collection-specific searching: Yes, searches may also be conducted directly in the bibliographic INPADOC database.
Chemical Structure Draw/Search Tool: No
Command line interface: Yes, the query language used in Delphion's command line is closer to natural language. For example, <in> (field name) is an operator that designates searching a specific data field.
Web-Browser Search Form: Yes, Delphion offers three web search forms for patent office data: Quick/Number, Boolean, and Advanced. It also offers analogous search forms for Derwent data searching. All these search forms are provided to help new and inexperienced users query the system.
Combining (stacking) Search Queries: Yes, searches can only be combined using Boolean operators AND and OR. The NOT operator cannot be used to combine queries.
Viewing Results
Uses a relevancy ranking when listing search results: Yes
Advanced Keyword Highlighting (the ability to define terms to be highlighted when viewing full text results ): No
Keyword In Context Display (generates excerpts containing searched-for terms for quick review): No
Linear Reference Viewing (clicking “Next” takes you to the next patent in the hitlist): No
Saving Results
Saving Results Sets: Yes, sets of up to 20,000 documents can be saved into a Delphion work file. All the same system functionality (download, export, analysis etc) is present in a work file, except that users cannot search within one.
Flagging Individual Results: Yes, text comments and even outside files can be uploaded and appended to a saved document in a work file.
Saving Search Histories:
(Automated/User command required/Not possible)
User command required. Search queries can be saved individually; sets of queries cannot be saved as a script or individual search history.
Analyzing Results
Statistical Analysis: Yes, statistical analysis can be performed for a wide range of available data fields, including assignee country, US maintenance status, parent company, etc.
Other (In-Program) Analysis Tools: Yes, the Clustering analysis tool groups hits by common keyword, and provides a visual map of the relationships between groups. This is a high-altitude analysis that might be useful for examining a company's IP portfolio, for example.
Import/Export/Document Delivery
PDF document delivery:
(Individual only/Batch/None)
Batch. Up to 500 documents can be downloaded at one time via Delphion's PDF Express function. Prices vary by subscription, and some collections are more expensive.
Data Export: Yes, available for both patent office and Derwent data fields.
Data Import: Yes, a text (ASCII) file with document numbers can be uploaded to import patent numbers.
Alerts: Yes
Customer Support
Online Help Guide:
Detailed. The online help materials are divided into a series of individual PDF documents, making searching within the help materials very difficult.
Web Seminars:   Yes, numerous recorded training seminars can be viewed free; these are hosted by the Thomson website.
Live Help:   Yes, live help can be reached via any of the Thomson help lines, available on multiple continents.
Automatic Logoff: No, although some may fear this poses a security risk, most users will appreciate that they will not lose their connection after a certain period of inactivity.
Secure Connection Option: Yes
(Free/Pay-per-use/Flat fee/Combination)
Flat fee. Searching in the Derwent World Patent Index file, PDF downloading and some exporting functions are available at extra charge.
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