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DWPI on Delphion is no longer available, as of March 31, 2012. DWPI data is available on the Thomson Innovation platform.

Family Search Features

There are two types of family data available via Delphion: Derwent and INPADOC data. Because it costs $6 to display any Derwent file no matter what subscription plan the user is under, most users will rely primarily on INPADOC family data, which is displayed (in a collapsed format, initially) via the integrated record view.

INPADOC family data shown in the Integrated View.

Even if INPADOC was not chosen as a search source, the family data will always be displayed in the integrated (full-text) record view. As in many other patent search systems, by including INPADOC family data into its full text record display, Delphion links the full text record to its associated family documents (which may contain related/relevant material), thereby calling them to the searcher’s attention.

Once expanded, family member bibliographic data (consisting of document number, filing and publication dates, and title) can be reviewed at-a-glance via the family table. INPADOC bibliographic data for family members can be called up by clicking the (hyperlinked) document number. PDF copies of the documents may be ordered by clicking the PDF icon to the left of the document number, although appropriate charges will apply.

Derwent data is available for each applicable document via hyperlink from the integrated (full text) or INPADOC family data view.

editors note iconEditor's Note:

In a reply to a February 2009 post on the PIUG wiki regarding errors in Delphion family data, prominent patent searcher Edlyn Simmons speculated that Delphion does not generate patent families upon request, but rather maintains a static family record which requires updating each week when new INPADOC data is released. Simmons suggested that the apparent problems in Delphion's family data might result from delays or mistakes in loading INPADOC updates into the system. [1] In reply, Thomson Reuters representative Bob Stembridge explained that Delphion does generate on-the-fly patent families; however, after investigation, the service was discovered to be operating from outdated tables used during the family generation process, causing the apparent errors. Mr. Stembridge also stated that the Delphion support team was working on a solution to the problem to be implemented as soon as possible. [2]


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