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DWPI on Delphion is no longer available, as of March 31, 2012. DWPI data is available on the Thomson Innovation platform.

Viewing Full Text

Although Delphion offers customization options for reviewing hit lists, the display format for full text records is always Delphion’s “integrated view,” a display format designed to aid document review for both the skimmer, and the in-depth investigator.

Viewing Patent Office (Non-Derwent) Records

For patent office (non-Derwent) data, Delphion’s “integrated view” consists essentially of a bibliographic summary with abstract, first claim, thumbnail image, and citation data. Upon initial viewing, the rest of full text record, along with INPADOC family and legal data, is collapsed. This initial view provides a fast way to skim the parts of the document most likely to be of interest to a reviewer.

A full text record shown in integrated view format. Derwent Title is displayed for non-Derwent records as a free feature.

If, after skimming, the user decides that a record might be worth examining in detail, the full text sections of the patent (including the Background/summary, Detailed Description, Drawing Descriptions, additional claims) and the legal and family data can be expanded individually by clicking on the links that appear next to each section title. Alternatively, the full record can be expanded all at once via a link at the top of the record,”Expand Details”. Expanding the full text allows in-depth review of the document text and associated legal and family data.

In addition to full-text access, the integrated view is designed to provide easy access to INPADOC bibliographic records or Derwent records for the document in question; both kinds of information can be pulled up via separate links appearing at the top of the record view. (“INPADOC bibliographic record” refers to the bibliographic data only. Legal status and family information, also from the INPADOC file, are available separately, in different parts of the record view.) Accessing Derwent information will result in a $6 charge for each Derwent record viewed.

Family data and legal status data (both INPADOC) are displayed as part of the integrated record view. A family legal status report, detailing the legal status actions for each family member, can be opened from the integrated view into a separate window. See Legal Status for more information about these features. Derwent family data for a record may only be viewed after purchasing the Derwent record associated with that record.

Once the searcher is finished reviewing the record, he or she may choose to perform citation analysis via several different methods, order the PDF or file history, or add the record into a saved results file (called a work file) via options at the top of the record view. More is said about these options in later sections.

After these actions are completed (if desired) the user must return to the hit list before selecting the next record to review. There is no way to automatically navigate to the next record in the hit list sequence.

editors note iconEditor's Note:

Viewing full text records in Delphion seems to be designed principally for those who wish to scan content quickly, although the full text and family/legal data can be easily expanded for those who wish to read the content in-depth. Perhaps the most telling omission is that there is no “next” button, one that will navigate the user directly to the next record in the hit list. This shows that Delphion is not expecting users to review every record in a hit list, but simply those that seem promising. Combined with the addition of a ranking system, which most subscription services do not offer, it seems clear that Delphion was constructed with the casual searcher in mind, rather than the full time professional patent searcher.

Viewing Derwent Records

A Derwent World Patent Index record is not a full text record, but contains value-added title and abstract text created by a professional Derwent indexing expert. Viewing Derwent records can be done from the hit list of a search which was conducted in the DWPI file from one of the Derwent search forms. It can also be done by loading a Derwent record for any non-Derwent document from the Delphion integrated (full-text) viewing interface.

Derwent records contain a number of value-added fields created by Thomson indexers, which do not appear in patent office records. By nature, a single Derwent record represents an entire Derwent patent family, so Derwent family data is included and can be displayed from any Derwent record view. The figure below shows an example of a Derwent record.

A Derwent Record View.

Some data fields that appear in the Derwent record are not fully discussed in this article. Please see the Derwent World Patents Index for more information.

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