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The Concept Search Form

The Concept Search form represents a fairly unique way of searching through the Prior Art Database. Instead of the traditional straight forward keyword search, the Concept Search function uses Latent Semantic Analysis software developed by Engenium® to search for concepts rather than just keywords. This means that the searcher should enter phrases or sentences into the Concept Search query box, rather than the simple and concise keywords that are normally used in a Full Text search.

The Concept Search Form.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Concept Search form contains the same limiting filter options as the Full Text form. However, the “Display options” are not available pertaining to "Abbreviated Abstract", "First keyword match", and highlighting. This is most likely due to the fact that in this mode, the search engine is not searching for keywords but rather “concepts.”

The Search Hints at the bottom of the Concept Search form point out the fact that while all documents in the Prior Art Database are accessible to the Concept Search, only Western European documents (meaning those documents written in Latin-alphabet languages) are reliably indexed.

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