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The Dialog suite of products are produced by Thomson-Reuters, and serve as multiple arms of a non-patent literature provider that contain access to numerous databases, including Inspec. The different arms of the Dialog suite are: DialogPRO, Dialog SourceOne, DialogClassic Web, Dialog1, DialogWeb, and Dialog Select. ProQuest Dialog is a new subscription-based portal produced by Dialog that combines the Dialog and DataStar products (transactional pricing options are available)[1], and Dialog representatives have stated publicly that Dialog hopes to eventually migrate all DataStar and Dialog product users over to ProQuest Dialog. No end date for this transition has been announced, but according to the May 2011 issue of Dialog Chronolog, the company representatives “have started to communicate with DataStar customers about the process for migrating to the new service.”[2]

The Inspec Thesaurus is available in DialogClassic Web, DialogLink 5, Dialog Classic, and DialogWeb. This is done by typing “EXPAND” into the command line, followed by the controlled term the user desires to look up. This command looks up and displays the term (or alphabetically nearby terms) as it appears in the controlled vocabulary index by default, but it can also expand the indexes of authors or other fields. To search a known Inspec Thesaurus Term, the user can surround the term with parentheses. The result of the command is a list of terms associated with the entered term and are each tagged with one of the following codes: N=narrow, B=broad, R=related, U=the preferred or “used” term, or F=terms the expanded term is used “for”. This results list includes the year of introduction for the term and any related classifications. The “Items” column shows how many records are tagged with that index term. The column “RT” shows how many related terms each of the listed terms has. The resultant terms can be expanded by typing the EXPAND command again followed by the R(number) corresponding to the desired term that falls under the “Ref” column.

The Inspec Thesaurus is now also available in ProQuest Dialog.

In DialogClassic Web, EXPAND is the command to look up a controlled term in the INSPEC Thesaurus.


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  2. ”Identifying DataStar Account Administrators.” The Chronolog, May 2011. Accessed May 14, 2011.
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