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Major Recent Updates

See the Intellogist update policies for more information.

January 2015

According to Questel release notes, the Orbit 1.9.1 release for January 2015 includes the following features:[1]

  • New business evaluation modules
    • New module: Technology scouting: Scout through large data sets for ideas and potential targets. Review top opportunities in more detail and export to Excel or copy to a Workfile.
    • New: Ability to exclude: Define your IP environment to determine the benchmark your portfolio will be judged against. Assess, tag and visualize key actors for top threats or opportunities using the Technology Relatedness Index.
  • Search
    • Semantic search: Find patents related to a body of text.
    • New search fields: Technical domain, assignee city postcode and earliest grant date.
    • New display fields: Main IPC, CPC and US classification codes, and technical domain.
    • New export fields: Technical domain, normalized cited patents and non-patent literature, normalized citing patents.
    • New citations tab runs: These new tabs run off family-based data. Includes a new move function which allows users to copy citing/cited families to lists or Workfiles.
    • Examiner or applicant tag: Identify who made the citation.
  • Analysis
    • Technology domain chart: With 35 domains derived from IPC codes for a quick overview of the subject area.
    • Overview the subject area your analysis covers: Switch between displaying technology labels. Exhibit different technology hex charts between major players, within a technology, or of an assignee.
    • New inventor collaboration node chart: Node and connecting line size indicate the number of patent families and co-inventions.
    • Node chart display, control and export options: Improved filter options, a new focus command and ability to export to Excel.
    • 18 new analysis fields: Including dates, first priority country, technical domain, and 'main' classification code fields, organized with a new sub-field option.
  • Architecture
    • User field limit: Increased to 100 user fields per account.
    • New helpfile explorer: Simplifies your search of help documents in Orbit.
    • Improved compatibility with IE 10: IE 6 will no longer be supported as it is no longer supported by Microsoft and may lack security and be harmful for your work.

July 2014

According to Questel release notes, the Orbit 1.9 release includes the following features:[2]

  • Complete Database reload - Updates include:
    • Several FamPat family building algorithms improvements
    • Further national office content aggregated into the bibliographic data; particularly additional assignee, inventor and representative names and addresses
    • New fields integrated into the search page; earliest priority country, earliest application country, earliest publication country. Certain fields have either been modified or suppressed. You should therefore check the compliance of your saved search strategies. The following link provides a synthesis helping you identify such fields and modify your strategies.
    • Cleaner display of titles
    • Cleaner display of dates
  • Group a search result set by Extended Patent Families - The ability to group Lists by extended families, display the total number of extended and Fampat families in each result set, and move a result set which has been grouped by extended families to a List or Workfile.
  • Search History for the design module - The Design search module now contains a search history display.
  • IP Business Intelligence - New IP Evaluation Module for "Portfolio Pruning" - This module uses a number of patent evaluation metrics to help identify a subset of weaker patents to be considered for abandonment from a portfolio. The Pruning module is an additional premium on top of an IP Business Intelligence subscription.
  • IP Business Intelligence: Data rules wizard - Once an analysis has been saved in the IP Business Intelligence module users can create rules which merge multiple assignees so that they appear on a single line on the chart. The Data Rules Wizard provides a number of 'suggested groups' automatically calculated based on textual similarity and the number of co-assignments which exist between the members of a suggested group. Users can browse through the pre-calculated list and select the groups they wish to implement in the analysis.
  • IP Business Intelligence: HTML 5 Map - Users with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 will now be able to view a new version of the IP Business Intelligence Map which runs off HTML 5 technology rather than Java.
  • IP Business Intelligence: A default set of My Charts - 19 default charts have been added to the “My Charts” menu in the IP Business Intelligence module.
  • IP Business Intelligence: Image Export for Node Charts - New option to download the node chart display as an image, and images now load much faster for users who are running the latest browser versions.

January 2013

As of January 1, 2013, both QPAT and PatentExaminer have been discontinued, and the and URLs redirect to the portal.[3]

The Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) field is now searchable through the General Search Form, and users can also locate top CPC classes for a result set under the "Top" drop-down menu accessible through the hit list.

October 2012

According to a presentation released by Questel, a new beta version of the platform is now available, which includes the following new features:[4]

  • Collapsed menus by default in XPRESS, XPERT, and WORKFILES
    • Last configuration is persistent from a session to another
  • Keywords search scroll menu: customizable
    • Select fields to search (XPERT only)
    • Default = /BI/SA
    • A tooltip shows the selected fields for each box
    • Contextual: can be different for each line
    • Persistent: each selection remains the same from a session to the next
  • Terms not found:
    • Hitlist display: new position, more visible
    • Tooltip remains until user closes it
    • Now available from Search History page as a permanent tooltip
  • Search box & History:
    • Search box now wider in the main top toolbar
    • Last search step displayed by default
    • Search box now wider in the main top toolbar (WORKFILES)
    • Search History accessible from scroll down menu (XPERT)
  • New toolbar (XPERT and WORKFILES)
    • Select button : page / all / none / range
    • Linked to the hitlist
    • Hidden by default (less busy)
    • Applies to a selection only
    • Icons vs words (space optimization)
    • New, more visible tooltips
    • Customizable : right-click for choice of action buttons to display in toolbar. Show icons only, or icons & labels.
  • “Display” button (XPERT)
    • Drawings / KWIC / Custom
    • Drawings: mosaic available in high resolution (first 10 in Hitlist). All drawings available in “Image” tab, with easy and fast flip-through options.
    • Edit Custom: pick fields to display in Hitlist, set the order and layout (columns vs rows).
  • Customized view of Preview panel (XPERT)
    • Only works when Hitlist is also displaying the Custom view, too.
  • Contextual toolbar (XPERT)
    • All actions refer to a specific panel
  • “Compare” feature (XPERT)
    • Moved from main toolbar to family table. Applies to each specific doc.
  • Highlighting enhancement (XPERT)
    • Consistent throughout the session, even after a combination of non-keywords search steps
  • Search enhancements
    • “W” / “AV” and “D” / “M” operators can now be extended to 99
  • Number search enhancement (XPERT)
    • Possibility to select a specific source (US only, EP only, etc.)
  • Interface “cleanup” (XPERT)
    • No more unnecessary icons
    • All classification info presented in lines (vs columns): space optimization
    • Applies to exports too
    • Legal Status Info more understandable : less codes
    • Register links now available from the LGST tab
  • New INPADOC family table & navigation
  • Orbit link to GenomeQuest (export)
  • GenomeQuest link to Orbit (export)

Users can access the Beta features at

September 2012

According to a Questel press release, Orbit IP Business Intelligence was commercially released September 17, 2012 and includes the following features:[5]

  • Normalized company names
  • Normalized technical concepts
  • Normalized legal status
  • Unprecedented volumes (up to 2 million patent families can be analyzed)
  • Immediate processing
  • Customizable charts (axis, title, values, filters, ranges…)
  • Exclusive filters and axis able to contain search strings
  • Stacked charts generation with colored multiple values
  • Multiple value selections from all charts, including colored sub-sections of stacked charts
  • Direct access to actual selected records
  • Immediate interaction with the search module
  • Second level “Drill Down” option
  • Data rules (grouping / hiding) and administration (personal or shared rules) for:
    • Assignees
    • Inventors
    • Agents
    • IC codes
    • ECLA Codes
    • Concepts
  • Dynamic data grouping by regular expression (“Use Filter as a Rule”)
  • Mapping with very precise positioning algorithms

August 2012

According to a Questel representative:[6]

Questel will commence adding ongoing CPCs to Pluspat and FamPat as soon as EPO begins sending the data in the normal weekly updates (expected 1st week January 2013).

Planning is ongoing and subject to change based on EPO deliveries. The planning for the backlog modifications will be announced at a later date.

A new field will be added to FamPat and PlusPat for the Cooperative Patent Classifications : CPC.

May 2012

Additional updates to Orbit are described in a PowerPoint presentation for a PIUG Conference:[7]

  • Partnership with GenomeQuest - Directly export results and visualize them in Orbit.
  • New IP Business Intelligence Module - A patent mapping and analysis module on the Orbit platform (which will be fully released around September 2012).
    • Select the "Cluster Analysis" option above the search results to analyze select patent families.
    • Pick a chart type by selecting an icon in the menu, or select the criteria for the chart from the drop-down menu on the toolbar.
    • Select a section (or multiple sections) of the chart (such as one or more bars in a bar graph) to display the list of patent documents corresponding to that section in a window beside the chart (under the tab "Results for Selection"). The user can change the view of the list to view a short hitlist, detailed hitlist, or drawings.
    • Edit the chart through the "chart control" options in a menu displayed beside the chart. This menu is under the "Chart Control" tab.
    • Under the "Drill down" tab in the window beside the chart, users can view a new chart based on the document set related to a selected section in the original chart.
    • Create a patent map: patent clusters positioned based on similarity. Users can select a specific section of the map to view the patent documents related to that selection. Chart control and drill-down options are also available for the patent map feature.
    • Tree map based on technical concepts or IPC Codes. The technical concepts tree map has 3 levels with selection display for each level and includes selection drill down options. The IPC tree map can be color-coded by multiple assignees.
    • Other available chart types:
      • Legal Status Chart with selection details - Granted, pending, revoked, expired, lapsed
      • Legal State Chart with selection details - Alive/Dead
      • Technical Concepts Radial Tree - Can be colored by assignee
      • IPC Code Radial Tree
      • Bubble charts
    • Add preferred charts under "My Charts" menu
    • Save an analysis and access later
    • Group document sets by patent assignee, agents, inventors, concepts, IPC codes, or ECLA codes. Combine values into a single group or ungroup values.

Further future developments include:[7]

  • New patent litigation/opposition tags that cover Asia, Europe, and the USA (provided by DARTS IP).
  • Contextual toolbars with a simpler, more flexible interface that is specific to each environment.
  • Non-patent literature in workfiles.
  • User rights management in workfiles.

According to a presentation on the Questel website, Questel has created a partnership with DARTS-IP, creator of a Global IP case law database containing:[8]

  • Over 230 thousand patent decisions covering 1,200 courts globally
    • Europe already covered
    • Summer 2012: USA, China
    • End of 2012: Brazil, India, and Australia
    • A number of countries are planned for 2013

April 2012

Orbit 1.5 is released on April 8, 2012, and updates to the system include:[9]

  • New video tutorials
  • Search Wizard: Linked Relavent Concepts - Search in any language and identify relavent concepts. Orbit builds a Boolean Query.
  • Legal Status Searching - Search by legal state/status/expiration date at a country-specific level. The informational display for the legal status is a country-specific, color-coded timeline chart.
  • New Legal Status Filter - Filter by legal status/legal state/expiration date.
  • Multiple Detachable Windows - All windows refresh when flipping records. This feature isn't available with Internet Explorer.
  • "More Like This" Option - Find more patents similar to the current selection (10 max) or refine the current search using the selection as reference.
  • New ECLA Codes Definition Layout - Access to all surrounding codes and hierarchy.
  • New "My Lists" Tab
    • 5 most recently used lists still accessible from "Menu."
    • The same hierarchy as Workfiles' is shown, and the details about the hierarchy label are shown in a tooltip.
    • Hit list hierarchy and "My Lists" displayed side-by-side.
    • Users can drag and drop results from the Hitlist to "My Lists."
    • New "My Lists" menu and right-click options.
    • Records in "My Lists" and in "Workfiles" are tagged.
    • "My Lists" can be shared with other power searchers.
    • New sort options for "My Lists."
    • One click on a list displays its content.
    • Option to add list selection to a Workfile.
  • New Import Options
    • User can upload a document containing lists of patent numbers, which can be displayed as a Hitlist.
    • User can upload a document containing a list of patent numbers into a Workfile.
    • User can upload a document containing a list of patent numbers into a Quicklist.
    • Import (upload) Report available.
    • New import (upload) feature accessible from Designs Search Module.
  • Workfile Updates
    • New tab and layout (direct selection) on the Workfile search screen.
    • Locarno classification now also available.
    • "Send to Command Line" option now available.
    • "Last result" listed.
    • Workfiles can now contain designs.
    • New option to add a selection to a Quicklist.
    • New import feature accessible from Workfiles module.
    • "Add to a Workfile" feature accessible from Designs module.

Questel has announced that QPAT will be discontinued at the end of 2012. The official last day of QPAT and PatentExaminer will be December 31st, 2012.[10] Questel is putting full and further development efforts towards

November 2011

The Questel website gives a brief description of a new similarity search feature for FamPat (translated from French using Google Translate):[11]

The Similarity search is a new feature specific to the collection FamPat. It uses some information identifying the domain of a family FamPat to find all the families in the same field...

September 2011

As of September 30, 2011, Patolis no longer provides users with access to their Japanese Legal Status database, Patolis-e. Questel now uses Nomura Research Institute (NRI), subsidiary of Japanese firm Nomura, for Japanese legal status data on[12]

According to a press release on the Questel website, Questel has acquired Research Disclosure, a subsidiary of Kenneth Mason Publication and a major publisher of defensive publications. The press release states that "50 years of defensive publications are an excellent Non-Patent-Literature source for prior-art needs and will be integrated into Fampat."[13]

January 2011

Questel announces the creation of a new "Patent Data Licensing" Business Unit, which will offer the patent data available on on the public market. Features of the licensed data include:[14]

  • Over 60 Million patents compiled from 95 offices
  • A fully customizable patent data feed: biblio, abstracts, full text, translations, clipped images, facsimile
  • Customers can pick and mix and only pay for what they need
  • All data is normalized in XML ST.36

October 2010

Taiwanese Full Text In October 2010, Questel released a collection of full text Taiwanese published patent applications, sourced from the Taiwan Patent and Trademark Office. The searchable full text of these documents is produced by machine-assisted English translation. Native language Chinese full text was available for display only at the time of the release. Taiwanese "A" documents are available from 2010 forward, and a complete back file from 2003-2009 will be completely loaded by the end of the year. Bibliographic information (including abstracts) are available as English human translations for the 2003-2009 time period, and records from 2010 forward will consist fully of machine translated data until human translated biblio/abstract data is available to replace them.

The Taiwan full text data has been added into the FamPat family database, and is searchable alongside the other full text collections available in FamPat. The coverage has been added to each of Questel's major patent search products, and as an alternative may be accessed in the TWFULL file in Qweb and Questel on Imagination.

Korean Claims Questel had previously offered Korean bibliographic data and English abstracts in the FamPat file; machine-translated abstracts for Korean documents are added within 2-3 weeks of publication, and replaced by human translated abstracts as soon as they became available. Now Questel has added an English machine-assisted translation collection of bibliographic information and patent claims for Korean patent documents, sourced from the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Coverage includes:

Bibliographic Coverage (in English): KR-A documents from 2000 KR-U documents from 2008 forward KR PCT Applications from 2009 forward

Claims are available in Korean from 2008 forward and English Machine Translations from 2010 forward. The native language Korean data was for display only at the time of this release. A backfile of English Machine translations from 2008 is still being loaded as of October 2010.

The collection is available in the FamPat file.

March 2010

In March of 2010, Questel announced several major enhancements to their data collections. These include:[15]

  • A new collection of full text Indian (IN) patent documents has been added back to 2005.
  • Canadian (CA) patents in full text will be loaded onto the search platforms as of March 22, 2010. This will augment the current CA patent collection, which previously contained titles, abstracts, and claims.

Furthermore, there have been several recent developments in Questel's coverage that can be summarized here:[15]

  • The WO/PCT collection on Questel has been enhanced to include English machine translations of records originally published in non-Latin alphabet languages. English machine translations for PCT applications published in Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are now available in full text.
  • Questel's collection of pre-1973 US patent full text has been "re-OCR'ed" (meaning treated again with Optical Character Recognition software), to improve its quality.

February 2010

Questel announces a partnership with Ocean Tomo (the creator of PatentRatings, which supplies the corporate tree data for[16]

Ocean Tomo, LLC, the Chicago based Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc® firm, and Questel SAS, the well known Intellectual Property Information service provider, announced that they have entered into an agreement that provides Ocean Tomo immediate access to worldwide patent data, supplied by Questel, as part of Ocean Tomo’s planned global rollout of Research products, including Ocean Tomo PatentRatings® 2.0 software, the PatentMarking™ notification platform, and, which provides global IP market data.

According to the QPAT homepage:[17]

FamPat now contains searchable full-text of EP, US, WO, Austrian, Belgian, Brazilian, Canadian, Swiss, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Russian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish publications.

November 2009

A Questel newsletter notes that an industrial design module (DesignFinder) is available on the new platform. Additional design coverage and search services include:[18]

  • The complete design databases from China and Russia are now available with their English translations and the images.
  • The Chinese data starts back in 1985, and the Russian data back in 1992.
  • The Benelux data will be released in 2010.
  • New offline searching and watching services for designs.

A Questel newsletter announces the following updates to the FamPat search and display features:[19]

  • Combine search terms indexed in all family member claims and descriptions with the other value-added FamPat family search features.
  • New features developed just for FamPat full text searching:
    • New hierarchical operator to search across fields within a member patent
    • Super indexes and fields that combine all claims while excluding noise from the specifications
  • Customize your FamPat search experience in their personal option settings:
    • Preferred “basic” country expanded from a single country to an unlimited list in your preferred order
    • Preferred document language for display of titles, abstracts and claims
    • Preferred publication stage choices: published applications or granted patents
    • Preferred date sort of patent family members: most recent or first filing
  • Search and display full text claims in a choice of original publication languages as well as English, French and German.
  • Display FamPat documents with fully integrated claims and descriptions
    • Enhanced KWIC & HIGHLIGHT
    • User defined formats for maximum customization of fields selected for display
    • DETAIL parameter to drill down to the member source
  • Access Questel's search toolkit when searching the integrated indexes
    • Hierarchical & proximity search operators that take the "Fuzzy" out
    • Left, center and right hand truncation commands
    • Tools to manipulate and browse indexes

Questel announces additional full-text patent coverage:[19]

Patents from Brazil, Russia, India, China and Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, and Sweden) are now fully searchable in machine translated English language through Questel, totalizing 20 full text databases. Patents from Mexico, Chile, and Argentina will be released in May 2010.

October 2009

Questel announces the releases of the portal:[20]

This new state-of-the-art online portal applies the most advanced Web technologies to IP information services – all in one place: Search patents and designs; Manage your portfolio; Watch patents and legal status; Order and Download copies.

According to Questel, FamPat now includes "fully integrated full text indexes from Questel’s comprehensive collection of full text databases."[21]

Summer 2009

New full text and biblio patent coverage is announced for[22]

  • Chinese Full Text (Beta): Machine Aided Translation
  • Japanese Full Text: From 2006, Machine Aided Translation
  • Korean Biblio (coming end of June): Human Translation
  • Indian Biblio: From 2005 (Pre-2005 available in FamPat)
  • For Japanese and Korean databases, assignees get Human Translated English since may 2009 onwards.
  • Canadian Claims: From 1978
  • Chinese Designs (Beta): From 2004 to 2008

February 2009

A Questel newsletter announces a new full text patent database and other new coverage and features:[23]

  • A full-text patent database covering 20 authorities, including China
  • Search JP, RU, and soon CN in English in the PCT full-text records
  • Users can choose their display in FamPat:
    • English or original language of titles, abstracts, etc.
    • Family patent number sort order (ascending/descending by publication date)
  • Additional registers for Legal Status Alerts in PatLegal module: CA, KR, CN, GB, and JP


Additional cited patents and non-patent literature for the following countries become available on PlusPat and FamPat: BE, CH, NL, TR, AU, JP, BS, ES, SG, DK, LU, FI, CY, and IT.[24]

A backfile of full text US patent data covering 1920 to 1973 becomes available through Questel.[24]

A Questel newsletter announced the following updates for patent databases maintained by Questel in the summer of 2008:[25]

  • Full-text records from Austria, Belgium, France, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and back file of US grants (from 1920)
  • Taiwanese applications since 2003
  • Enhanced machine translation of CN and JP applications and Utility models 1-2 weeks after publication
  • JP Full Text (MT)

Additional updates are made to DesignFinder in 2008, such as:[24]

  • Release of 3 databases: CA, KR, and JP
  • Back file of WO (1979) and US (1976)[25]
  • More report formats, images available in all formats, and all fields can be included in reports.
  • Alerts: receive only the latest release
  • Session history to export in XLS
  • Locarno Class can be searched without a ? at the end
  • Possibility to search the previous owner, and designated countries


DesignFinder undergoes a number of updates in 2007, including:[26]

  • The DesignFinder WO database is extended back to 1979, with improved image coverage from 1985 onwards, improved legal status record, and 1 record per design (not 1 record per application).
  • New DesignFinder subscription options are announced, including a subscription for one day, for a week or for a bundle of days in a year.
  • Additional options to save searches or to set Alerts become available.

December 2006

DesignFinder, a system for searching registered industrial designs, is released. The product is "administered within the new division of Questel Design." Features of the newly released product include:[27]

  • Cross-search designs from multiple authorities.
  • Updated within 24 hours of Designs Publication according to authority.
  • Watching/alert functions as well as reports and exports.
  • Advanced workflow features such as annotations and tags.
  • One record per design rather than one record per application makes multi-design applications, both single and multiclass, easy to search for and review.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Annual Fixed Fee subscription.

March 2006

Questel releases FamPat Plus, which includes full text key content enhancements like:[27]

  • Patent Object
  • Advantages
  • Previous Patent Drawbacks

February 2005

Questel launches FamPat, "the family design of PlusPat" which "offers greater searching options as well as the added display convenience of family records, making FamPat easier to use than PlusPat." Users can search the FamPat database on Imagination Version 3.5.[28]


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