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Major Recent Updates

See the Intellogist update policies for more information.

February 2015

According to PatBase User News, the following updates were added to the system in February 2015:[1]

  • New search command to retrieve Designs
    • Retrieve design patents with the new command, which can also be combined with country codes. For example:
      • (TAC=(Crane*) and DESIGN=(YES))
      • (TAC=(Crane*) and DESIGN=(US OR CN))
  • New Litigation option in Legal Status view
    • PatBase & Express users can now view Litigation information for US publication by clicking on the Litigation icon (a gavel) at top of the Legal status window to view a litigation summary table for US patents in the family. An external link is also provided to RPX’s searchable patent litigation database.
  • Coverage Enhancements
    • Additional Colombian (CO) back file full text from 1995 and ongoing updates
    • Japanese (JP) B documents backfile from 2012 to 1994
    • French (FR) B documents full text backfile and ongoing updates
    • Israel (IL) - full text and additional bibliographic data from 1975, and a new data feed has been made possible with the help of the Israeli Patent Office and WIPO
    • A new faster feed has speeded up addition of UK (GB) patents
    • A new faster feed for Chinese (CN) patents, utility models and designs means they are now available on or as close to the day of publication as possible
    • Chinese PDFs available day of publication and full PDFs can be downloaded instantly by all users with 'save complete PDF' option.
    • New Russian (RU) Register links have been enabled from the family table or legal status view  
  • "Add to folder" from within folder view
    • Add a record into another saved/new folder from within a folder. Click on the yellow folder icon at top right of the folder view.

December 2014

According to PatBase User News, the following updates were added to the system in December 2014:[1]

  • Links to Clinical Trials Registers from FDA data table - FDA data tables on records now contain links to US and European Clinical Trials registers to check information on current trials for specified drugs. Click on the flag icons to go to the sites.
  • Direct links to the Russian register - Russian register links have been enabled - click on the R link in family table or from legal status view for Russian members to go to the register.
  • New commands for searching same text sections for a specific country - The following new commands have been introduced to PatBase to enhance keyword searches:
    • STACC - search within the same Title & Abstract for a specific country
    • STACCC - search within the same Title, Abstract & Claims for a specific country
    • SDSCCC - search within the same Description for a specific country
  • New filter option for search results records - When looking at a record in Hit view or in the Full Text view from View or Browse mode, you can now filter family members by country, grants or you can specify which document sections to show e.g. only Claims.

October 2014

According to PatBase User News, the following updates were added to the system in October 2014:[2]

  • Corporate Tree in PatBase & PatBase Express - Providing a way to identify subsidiaries and other affiliations of a chosen corporation, in order to include all related companies in a single assignee search. Data for the Corporate Tree is derived from a corporate relationship database compiled and maintained by Minesoft & RWS Group.
  • Specify sort order of publications in Claims & Descriptions view in PatBase Express - Option to sort publications when viewing Claims & Descriptions for a family record - sort by publication date ascending or descending, or sort by country by listing your country preference order e.g. have US publications listed first, followed by WO, EP etc. The sort order will be applied to all families and saved until it is next changed.
  • Litigation option in Legal Status view - PatBase & Express users can view Litigation information for US publications. Click on the Litigation icon (a gavel) at the top of the Legal Status window to view the Litigation Summary table for US patents in that family, including an external link to RPX’s searchable patent litigation database.

As per this press release, in October of 2014, PatBase was updated with the Corporate Tree feature. This feature has been added to both PatBase and PatBase Express by Minesoft and RWS Group. The Corporate Tree would offer better patent assignee searching at all user levels.[3]

According to Ann Chapman, Director at Minesoft:[3]
We aim to make searching by company as straightforward and effective as possible in PatBase. Variations in spellings, transliteration across languages and patent filing practices in general all contribute to the challenge patent searchers face when trying to gather a conclusive set of results based on company names. When we first launched PatBase in 2003, we made a Browse Index available from the outset to make it easier for users to look up company names in the index and identify variations.

The new Corporate Tree lookup tool is an enhancement because it offers a fast and simple way of identifying a chosen company's subsidiaries and other affiliations. This allows all related companies to be grouped together in a single search. Search professionals often face problems in identifying complex parent-subsidiary set ups as well as mergers and acquisitions. The Corporate Tree tool will help search professionals in overcoming these problems.[3]

September 2014

The following features are new on PatBase as of September 2014:[4]

  • PatBase Analytics - A PatBase analytics software package has been added to PatBase (under More options on the search history page) and PatBase Express (Analytics link at top of search results list) at no extra cost to subscribers which includes:
    • Technology, Assignee, Inventor, Classification and Keyword Concept analyses.
    • Export graphs and visuals or download raw PatBase data.
    • Toggle between chart and data views.
    • View by family or publication and display data for only certain document types.
    • Drill down within graphs.
    • Analysis available directly from search results.
    • Create analytics Dashboards with customizable Widgets.
    • Global and individual settings.
    • Assignee Groupings.
    • Real-time progress indicators show processing progression for large sets.
    • Detailed help files, tags/explanations for all graphs and tables, and support from global help desk.
  • GenomeQuest Integration - Users of both systems can now review biological sequence patents retrieved using GenomeQuest tools directly on PatBase. In GenomeQuest, select the new "Export to PatBase" option, and when you log in to PatBase, the upload number screen will automatically be populated with the extracted patent numbers for you to review in PatBase.
  • Display shared folders list in a tree hierarchy - Go to "rename folder" in the shared folder list to access this option.
  • Search folder content - The "Search Folder" link can be found at the top of the folder.
  • Similar Non-Patent Literature Web Search tool - New option under the "Similar" button to search similar non-patent literature online. The tool extracts key search terms from patent text and searches non-patent literature online for similar articles. The search runs over PatBase servers to ensure security and anonymity.

January 2014

In January of 2014, PatBase introduced a new legal status review tool to help users determine whether a patent is active. They also introduced a semantic-based "similarity search" function to automatically generate a list of related patents using natural language queries. [5]

March 2013

The following features are new on PatBase as of March 2013:[6]

  • Co-operative Patent Classification (CPC) in PatBase - Officially launched in January 2013, the frontfile for the new classification is now fully loaded and searchable in the database using the Classification Finder and other search tools. The backfile processing for many millions of families is well underway but will take a couple more weeks to complete. Users can also sign up for free webinars running from March-July 2013 that give an overview of searching the CPC in PatBase.

    PatBase has also retained ECLA legacy data in PatBase in parallel, so ECLA classifications will still be displayed on records and searchable for historical reference.

  • Faster PatBase - Patbase now runs up to three times faster due to a server upgrade in the beginning of 2013.
  • Offline Export Progress Bar - You can now keep track of offline exports with the progress bar which automatically appears at the top of your screen. The box can be closed, but if you leave it open the file can be downloaded directly from PatBase when it is complete.
  • Export Updates
    • The 1st main claim can now be included in ‘other formats’ exports.
    • Japanese F-term classifications can now be included in ‘other formats’ exports.
    • Non-Latin data can now be exported into formats such as CSV and XLS (the ‘other formats’ options in PatBase).
  • Long search queries minimized - Long search queries are automatically minimized on the search history page, and you can expand the query by clicking the ‘show full search.’
  • New Custom Display Format Options - Display Claims or Descriptions for a single publication according to your preferred country.
  • Translated assignee names for non-Latin families - Patent Assignee names for the top filers for China, Japan, Korea and Thailand are being translated into Latin where there is no Latin name yet available in the patent family. The Latin translation appears in the standard (std) assignee field on the record. Work is also underway for Russian assignees.
  • Coverage Enhancements
    • Russia
      • Applications (biblio., title & claims) - 2013 has been added and the backfile from 1994 is being loaded.
      • Patents (SU – biblio., Full text, representative image) - 2013 has been added and the backfile from 1924 is being loaded.
      • Utility Models (biblio., title & claims) - 2013 has been added and the backfile from 1994 is being loaded.
      • All Full-Text contains embedded images and has a side-by-side machine translation into English. You can search Russian data from the non-Latin search form.
    • Japan - JP application full-text is now available from 1993, and JP registered utility models from 1994 to 2010.
    • Taiwan
      • Bibliographic data for patents and utility models to present.
      • Bibliographic data for patent applications from 200305010 (when it began) to present.
      • Full Text for patent applications with searchable machine translations from 200901 to currently 201212.
    • Hong Kong bibliographic data from 200405 to date.
    • India representative images for patent applications.
    • Vietnam patent data from 1986, and utility models from 1989 to 2012.
    • PCT non-Latin full-text (JP, CN, KR) from 1979 to date.
    • EP and WO full-text machine translations from 1979.
    • Canadian Bibliographic Additions.
    • Coming soon: Norwegian Full Text with machine translations.

January 2013

According to correspondence with a PatBase representative, the system now supports left truncation.

PatBase announced on Twitter that execution speed improvements have been implemented for the system.

Fall 2012

The following updates to PatBase were described in the Autumn 2012 issue of TouchBase:[7]

  • The number of drawings in PatBase currently stands at over 156 million, and now includes representative images for Indian (IN) patent applications, reflecting the interest in Indian national filings.
  • The Spring 2013 schedule for PatBase Training Courses will soon be available here.
  • How will the CPC be integrated into PatBase? - The new classification will be an addition to the main search form, and will also be searchable in the command line via the CPC= command. We will retain ECLA legacy data and provide fully searchable definitions of all classifications to make the transition as easy as possible for PatBase users.
  • Recent enhancements to PatBase coverage include:
    • Taiwan (TW) - Full-text with searchable machine translations for patent applications from 2011 and 2012 (adding to our existing TW full-text collections).
    • Korea (KR) - Searchable machine translations for all full-text. Bibliographic and full-text for B1 and Y1s from 2011 and 2012. The backfile is being loaded. Korean official English abstracts from 2012.
    • China (CN) - Searchable machine translation for all full-text.
    • Japan (JP) - Full-text for Japanese registered utility models, 1994 to 2010.
    • PCT (WO) - Full-text for Chinese, Japanese and Korean PCT applications with searchable machine translations, 1979 to date.
    • Thailand (TH) - We have added TH utility models, 1999 to 201207.
    • Vietnam (VN) - We have added bibliographic data for VN patent applications and utility models, 19980126 to 201207.
    • Hong Kong (HK) - We have also added bibliographic data for Hong Kong patent applications, 2004 to 201207.
  • New features for PatentOrder Web include:
    • Cleaner interface.
    • Option to either download patents directly or to verify the order first, which allows you to see the different publications available and select before ordering.
    • Preview the patent before ordering – view the title, number of pages or preview the PDF before submitting the order.
    • Request a machine translation for Japanese, Chinese and Korean patents.
    • Option to order File Histories or hard-to-find patent documents via Tempus IP.
    • Service will be upgraded automatically for PatentOrder Web clients.

November 2012

This system has been updated since our last review. During our next scheduled update, this article will be revised to include a description of the newly added content and features.

The following features are new on PatBase as of November 2012:[8]

  • New Classification Finder - This new tool allows users to retrieve the relevant classifications by searching for keyword terms or phrases found in the classification definitions/descriptions. Users can search across the US, EP, IPC and JP classification schemes, and will also be able to retrieve the new CPC (Cooperative Patent Classification) classifications once they are in place.
  • New Folder Export Option - Instead of having to include the entire contents of a PatBase folder when exporting it, users can now choose to export a range of records only from within the folder, for example to export records 10 to 32 out of 40 records.
  • New Excel export format (XLSX) - Then brand new XLSX formatted Excel file export contains embedded images and direct links to corresponding PatBase Express records – allowing users to review exported results more fully. The new format also supports sorting and filtering to enable researchers to work more efficiently with the data.
  • Matheo Patent Export Link - Matheo Patent users now have the option to export their PatBase search results straight into the Matheo Patent software for further analysis. The new option can be selected from the “Third party export formats” on the Export screen.
  • Publish search results from search history - New option to 'publish results' straight from the 'more' link on search history page - no need to create a results folder first.
  • PatBase advanced is available in English or Japanese, with a Chinese interface coming soon.

September 2012

This system has been updated since our last review. During our next scheduled update, this article will be revised to include a description of the newly added content and features.

Minesoft has released an updated website for PatentOrder, the patent document delivery service which PatBase utilizes to deliver copies of original patent documents.[9]

July 2012

This system has been updated since our last review. During our next scheduled update, this article will be revised to include a description of the newly added content and features.

The Minesoft website lists a regular schedule of online webinars on the use of PatBase and PatBase Express for the remainder of 2012.

The following features were introduced in early July 2012:[10]

New 'Compare' tool (beta) Available when viewing full text, use it to compare the Application to the Grant or Claims to Description, to instantly identify changes or omissions.

New On-the-fly highlighting in full text Select a word or phrase to open the highlighting and search options including KWIC - saves time when reviewing full text; no need to retype the word(s).

Publish search results from search history New option to 'publish results' straight from the 'more' link on search history page - no need to create a results folder first.

New improved Export options screen A new layout for this screen makes it easier to see the different export options and formats available.

New Excel export format (XLSX) From the 'other format' export option there is now a new formatted Excel (XLSX) file, which also includes links to the records on PatBase Express.

New IDS Generator Generate a USPTO IDS form automatically from a list of numbers added to the order basket.

March 2012

This system has been updated since our last review. During our next scheduled update, this article will be revised to include a description of the newly added content and features.

Features of the March 2012 update are described in this brochure (PDF) and include:[11]

  • New cross-lingual search options - Powered by WIPO’s innovative CLIR (cross-lingual information retrieval) system, the new Language Explorer and Term Translator tools allow you to broaden the scope of your patent search by finding multi-lingual synonyms of your search terms – including non-Latin full text.
  • Enhanced patent drawing display - PatBase no longer relies on linking to the Espacenet mosaics view for drawings – instead the majority of images are now drawn directly from Minesoft’s own archive. Also, when you click on the representative image for a record, a new Patent Drawings Viewer appears with tabs for each of the publications in the family. Click on the tab for the publication of interest to preview dynamic images of all the drawings for that publication. Click on the drawing to enlarge it.
  • Legal status searching enhancements
    • The new PRS command allows you to search by PRS codes (unique legal status codes from INPADOC). Country code and dates can be specified.
    • New ULG command - This new command allows you to search for families where any INPADOC legal status updates have occurred within certain update weeks. It can be combined with a country code.
    • A new advanced alert option has been added enabling you to receive updates ‘When INPADOC legal status changes.’ Add a PRS command to your search query to specify the legal status action.
    • Simple Legal Status search form - A new search form is now available in PatBase for searching INPADOC Legal Status occurrences, such as lapses, withdrawals or refusals.
  • VizPat Report - A brand new export format allows you to create reports incorporating VizPat statistical analysis graphs in Excel or Word, alongside text and bibliographic fields.
  • Annotate your Search History - You can now add a Comment in your search history as a useful point of reference for the future.
  • Non Latin Assignee and Inventor Commands (PANL & INVNL) - The new PANL and INVNL commands allow you to search using the command line for Assignees and Inventors in the original non-Latin language (in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Russian).
  • Multi-directional Results Sharing with PatBase, Express and non-users - Search results (from alert results or from a saved folder) can now more easily be shared.
  • You can now sort your folders by both descending and ascending rank – to sort records by least or most important, according to your own criteria.
  • Extended Family Merge Command (EFM) - If you have a results set containing many extended families (this is common in pharmaceutical patents), the new EFM command allows you to merge them all together to get a single results set.
  • Notable coverage enhancements:
    • Brazil (BR) - PatBase now contains Brazilian full-text and searchable machine translations from 2006, with the backfile currently being loaded. Bibliographic data is available from 1972.
    • Philippines (PH) - PH bibliographic data including title and abstract in English for patent applications and utility model applications has now been added to PatBase from 200611 to date. This adds considerable value where there is no official English language abstract available.
    • Australia (AU) - AU bibliographic and full-text data from publication date 200901 to 20110701 has now been added to PatBase. Full-text from 2000 to date should be in place by mid-March, along with bibliographic data from 1979 to date.
    • Malaysia (MY) - Bibliographic data for Malaysia has been added with coverage of patents from 200902.
    • Additional Legal Status coverage from INPADOC - PatBase now incorporates additional INPADOC legal status coverage including Japan, Argentina and Slovakia.
    • Coming soon - PCT Asian Languages Full Text - The PCT Backfile Asian Languages will soon be added to PatBase, providing Full-Text for Chinese, Japanese and Korean applications from 1978 to date.

February 2012

According to a Minesoft press release, PatBase (and PatBase Express) users "will notice an enhanced service from February 2012 thanks to the completion of stage one of a two-stage extensive system upgrade":[12]

Housed in RWS’ new state-of-the art data centre unveiled last year, the additional servers will ensure an accelerated performance when searching and reviewing full text patent documents in PatBase and the end-user interface PatBase Express. Stage 2 of the upgrade will provide for increased data storage.

October 2011

Features of the October 2011 update are described in this brochure (PDF) and include:[13]

  • New data coverage.
  • New field qualifiers and commands.
  • Analysis enhancements.
  • New folder shortcuts.
  • Custom user field improvement.
  • Search machine-translated full text for Japan and China.
  • New Hits view.
  • Enhancements to alerts.

July 2011

The following updates were added to PatBase in July 2011:[3]

  • Legal Status display and functionality - Colour-coded and searchable table (including PRS codes), with integrated Register links - now displayed when you click on 'status' link. Legal Status can now be added as Custom Display format field, and can be added to exports.
  • Upload Family and Application Numbers function - Upload a list of PatBase family numbers or application numbers, plus improved hit report for uploaded publication, application and family numbers.
  • Export option for Smart Claims viewer - Export the Smart Claims view breakdown of independent and dependent claims as an easy to read HTML file.
  • US Register information display - Shows current Reassignment Data from the USPTO, plus INPADOC legal status. Click on the Register [R] icon in the family table for US members.
  • Citation Timeline and Citation Line Graph - From the citations view: view the Citation History for a patent family with the new Citation Timeline and Line Graph. Navigate easily through backward and forward citations.
  • Syntax Checker - The Syntax Checker is available whenever a user receives the error message 'parentheses do not balance' to aid in modifying brackets to correct the search query.
  • Auto-summarise tool - Available when viewing Full Text - the Auto-summarise tool saves you time when reviewing results by automatically summarising the Full Text to the percentage level that you select.
  • Sort Family Table by publication ascending or publication descending - Go to your user settings to set the sort order as a default in the display and search options.
  • Chemicalize tool for browsing chemical structures in text - Identifies chemical names in the Full Text and converts them to chemical structures.
  • Search for US serial numbers - US serial numbers can now be searched for via the application number field. For example: AP=09/123456.
  • Other enhancements
    • Option to display Full Field names in 'other formats' exports e.g. Excel (i.e. Title instead of TI).
    • Where possible, we now display Images to match the master Patent Number of the family record. Plus images will be watermarked with the publication they are from.
    • UE> and UP> commands now work as 'greater than/less than' in line with other > < functions.
    • Saved folders can be added directly to your search history from your saved folders list, or from the folder tab on the toolbar.

March 2011

The following updates were added to PatBase in March 2011:[3]

  • Custom User Fields - PatBase account Administrators can set up internal Custom User Fields in their Settings to apply company-specific criteria to PatBase records e.g. product categories, invention descriptors, estimated expiry date or comments.

Users (depending on access rights granted by administrators) can view and assign values to these fields, which can be searched together with standard PatBase fields, using the new Custom User Fields search form. The fields will be viewable/editable in the Classic, Full and any Custom display formats. Users will be able to include these customised fields in both the Family and Publication Exports.

  • Assign a Ranking to Folder results - Rank each family record in a saved folder by assigning it from 0 to 5 stars. Sort by Ranking, and include star ranking number in folder export. Published folders will display the ranking assigned by folder owner.
  • Share Folders with Express users - Share private folders with PatBase Express users on the same account by selecting 'show folder in PatBase Express' when defining access rights for the shared folder. Appears in new 'Public folders' list in Express, with folder owner visible.
  • Archive saved items - Archive any saved private folders, searches and search histories not currently required, in order to clean up list of saved items and speed up display. Select the 'archive' button now visible when displaying saved folders, histories or searches. Archived items can be reloaded to current list if required in future.

November 2010

An official summary of the new November 2010 features may be found at

Features of the November 2010 update include:

  • New PatBase Interface has been added, including new welcome screen, help options, and access to personal work folders.
  • Advanced Highlighting has been improved, including a re-designed hit analysis comparing highlighted items within a patent family and functional proximity operators in the advanced highlighting
  • Multi Window Support for synchronized view of full text, PDF, and images across multiple pop-ups
  • Optimise Tool adds functionality relating to a faceted or filtered search system (quick statistical analysis and search narrowing)
  • Smart Claims Viewer has been extended to include publications from more countries
  • Citation Tree has been overhauled with additional information and a new design
  • New Classification Explorer can be used to browse structure and definitions for IPC, ECLA, UC, and Japanese classifications
  • Custom Display has been updated to include an image mosaic view
  • Non-Latin Search has been improved to allow use in the command line, and now includes Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Thai
  • Examples Field within the description of a publication can now be searched
  • PatBase Alerts can now be received as RSS feeds, and the Alert results viewer has been enhanced
  • Folder Enhancements including access and management enhancements to increase speed and user friendliness
  • New Export Options including exporting agent data where available and reworking display of certain fields
  • Improved Account Management for administrators, including a field for comments
  • Improved Country Coverage several ongoing improvements include increasing the Korean patents backfile and adding native language Thai coverage (with claims)

PatBase has also begun to offer weekly training webinars. A schedule of the webinars can be found at

March 2010

An official summary of the new March 2010 features may be found at

Features of the March 2010 update include:

  • Systran - New On the Fly Machine Translation Function has replaced Google Translate as the default on-the-fly translation tool. Google Translate remains available to searchers as an option.
  • Sort order control for Family Table and Full Text view has been added, allowing users to display preferred patent documents in a family at the top of each respective display.
  • Key Word in Context view given two new options including limiting Key Word in Context view to specified authorities and offering Key Word in Context directly within full text viewing mode.
  • Patent iNSIGHT Pro export now available in the export options screen.

February 2010

Minesoft, a 50% owner of PatBase with RWS Group, has announced a partnership to incorporate the Patent iNSIGHT Pro analytics solution from Gridlogics into their PatBase product line.[14] The combination, called "Minesoft iNSIGHT Pro," will be offered in three versions: Desktop, Enterprise, and SaaS ("Software as a Service," a model in which the user pays for an on-demand license for a software-based service[15]). The new product will allow PatBase users to import current or saved search results and conduct various analyses. The exact features of Minesoft iNSIGHT Pro have not yet been specified, but the features of the current iNSIGHT Pro product include custom fields for each record, a patent viewer with multi-word highlighting capabilities, "advanced" searching and sorting options, family information exports, Boolean searching within patent portfolios, a claims tree and comparison viewer, and a classification browser.[16] Gridlogics, as the Indian distributor for the PatBase product,[17] has had an ongoing relationship with Minesoft. For more information, please see Patent iNSIGHT Pro's press release at

October 2009

Features of the October 2009 update include:

  • A chemical synonym search feature has been added to PatBase. This feature is a chemical thesaurus, accessible through the PatBase search interface, which will pull up related trade names and chemical names based on initial input. Users can select the term or terms of interest provided by the thesaurus, and they will be automatically placed into a PatBase search query. According to a PatBase representative, this information is from the National Library of Medicine database ChemIDplus.[18]
  • Collaboration features have been enhanced through the addition of new folder settings. Users can now define groups of users who may access a given folder, and can set access levels for the folder (read only vs. read/write access). Additionally, PatBase has added an option to share folders with others who do not have PatBase access.
  • A search history editor has been added to the system. This feature allows users to edit saved or existing histories on a line by line basis. The edited history will be re-run against the database.
  • Exports ordered through the PatBase offline exports feature can now be accessed from an order page.
  • Past alerting results are now archived in PatBase and can be retrieved through the system interface (as well as by links from the alert e-mail).
  • A new search command has been added which will restrict a search to only publications from a specified country. The format for the new command is FTCC=, where CC is replaced by a specific country code during actual use. The example given in the release notes is FTUS=(jet and ski), which will restrict the full text search to US publications only.
  • A strict patent family option has been added to the setting menu. This option allows users to organize PatBase family members into "simple" patent families, which are families where all documents have exactly the same priority data.

An official summary of the new features may be found at

July 2009

Features of the July 2009 update include:

  • Improved Custom Display formats: Users may now create up to 5 custom display formats on their personal accounts, and may now include their order of preference for text excerpts from various patent family members, superseding the system default. For example, French-speaking users could now designate that they would like to see French (FR) patent abstracts first, European Patent Office (EP) documents second, WO/PCT documents third, and so on, so that patent text is more likely to be displayed in their preferred language.
  • Enhanced PDF Export options: PatBase now offers PDF exports that support "bookmarks" in Adobe. After exporting a set of search results into this format, all records are contained within a single PDF document. The bookmark pane in Adobe will now contain one bookmark, including representative patent number and title, for each family record in the exported dataset, increasing ease of navigation through the entire document. In addition, this export function will also preserve any hit term highlighting, and can support the new custom bibliographic formats described above.
  • Enhanced Image-Only Display Format: When viewing records using the Image-only display format, PatBase will now load the esp@cenet image mosaics in a .PNG format in the original browser window, rather than requiring users to open it in a separate PDF viewer. This has increased both load times and browser stability. Abstracts and assignee names are also now included in this format.
  • Search Function added to Help Files: Users can now keyword search the PatBase help files.

An official summary of the new features may be found at

May 2009

In May 2009, the system was enhanced with new features, including:

  • New "Quick" and "Number" search forms: The newly added Quick Search form allows users to conduct a search by typing in a few quick keywords or names (including assignee or inventor names). The Number Wizard allows users to input any document number, even when the type of number (e.g. application, publication, priority) is not known.
  • New alerting options: Alerts can now be set for the following events:
  • The first time a PatBase family is updated with English text
  • The first time an assignee is assigned to a PatBase family
  • The first time an IPC class is assigned to a PatBase family
  • New image display format: PatBase now offers a new image display format which allows users to see the representative image and patent drawing mosaic side-by-side in the results set (document titles are included, but abstracts are not). These mosaics are displayed sequentially, and multiple mosaics are loaded onto the same page. This feature is designed to facilitate the review of full patent drawing sets for each record in the hit list without requiring the user to open any new browser windows.

A new display format for results sets loads multiple document mosaics on the same page.[19]

  • Japanese and Korean assignee names: PatBase now displays the original non-Latin character text for Japanese and Korean assignee names as well as the transliterated (Latin) text versions. PatBase suggests that cutting and pasting these names into the non-Latin text search engine may result in additional hits on these company names.
  • Enhancement to the graphic displays of PatBase analysis functions: All analysis screens have been re-designed, and the classification analysis feature now shows class definitions organized into hierarchies.
  • New export function for VantagePoint Analysis tool: PatBase users can now export results sets directly into VantagePoint analysis software without having to re-format any data during the import process. To learn more about this analysis tool, see our Intellogist Report on VantagePoint.

An official summary of the new features may be found at

March 2009

In March 2009, the system was enhanced with new features, including:

  • A "Snapshot" feature that allows users to visualize the contents of results sets broken down by assignee, classification, publication country and publication date.
  • A new display format, "Scan," which allows users to quickly skim results for interesting hits. Search hits are displayed in condensed format with alternating background colors to make them more distinct. Title, abstract, assignee and thumbnail images are among the few data fields included in this display format.
  • Additional sorting options for hit lists, including the ability to sort by relevance and by the most-cited patent families. The relevancy rank is said to rely on "natural language algorithms and automatic term weighting."

An official summary of the new features may be found at

November 2008

As of November 2008, some full text records for Russian-language PCT documents were present. This collection was said to cover documents published from December 1, 2007.

October 2008

During this major update, PatBase announced a new interface for searching non-Latin text records, including records in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian (see the Non-Latin Text Search section for more information).

PatBase also announced plans to expand their non-Latin text coverage, particularly by adding Russian documents, as well as PCT applications published in non-Latin languages. However, projected dates of coverage were not available at the time this plan was announced.

To complement its non-Latin text searching feature and additional data coverage, PatBase also announced that a Google Translate feature has been added as an alternative to PatBase's internal machine translation software. Both options are now available for non-Latin text records.

Some additional features were also announced in this update. First, although it had already been available to users for a short period before this time, PatBase officially announced that agent/representative data is now fully searchable for United States (US), European Patent Office (EP), and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT/WO) documents. Additionally, PatBase announced that this update also includes direct links to legal status records on the Chinese and Japanese patent office websites. And finally, the VizPat analysis feature now includes pop-up class definitions for classes displayed in analysis results (see the Analyzing Results section of this article for more information).

May 2008

May 2008 brought about a number of enhancements to PatBase; the majority of these updates being improvements to the functionality of the system. Keyboard shortcuts were added to allow for easier navigation in the view and browse results sections. Multiple popup windows are now capable of being displayed to aid in viewing full-text and mosaics, among others, in separate windows.

Folder management was improved. New commands were added to allow folders and saved searches to be searched via the command line without having to open them. The user can now specify who is allowed to view a shared folder. Further folders can be sorted by name, date, or number of records.

Enhancements were made to how a record is displayed. The Custom and CSV formats can now display the number of citations, forward and backward. The record view will now display agent information, allowing one to view what agent filed each patent application in a family. Furthermore, the user is now able to view a breakdown of the designated states each application in a family has been filed in.

Finally, PatBase added a keyword analysis tool called VizPat allowing users to see a ranking of the keywords used within a search string. One can see how often terms are used in the text, how many times a term is used in proximity to another term, and a variety of other uses. One may narrow the analysis to only French, German, or US claims to determine keywords in those languages only. Overall this tool will be useful to determining important keywords to use in further search strings.

February 2008

A major February 2008 enhancement added quite a lot of new data, as well as new classifications, search commands, and a new Alert viewer feature. First, major enhancements were made to Japanese data, with 7 million Japanese utility model records added to the database. The enhancements also included the addition of Japanese-language full text records for patent applications, including clipped and embedded drawing images, back to 2004 (clipped images are representative images taken from the patent drawing pages, while embedded images appear within the patent text. Embedded images appear in the PatBase electronic text in the same place as in the original patent). Preliminary full text collections of Chinese and Korean documents were also added to the system: the Chinese collection spanned about 1985-1999 for applications and utility models, and the original text includes titles, abstracts and claims, while the Korean collection spanned 2005-2007, and includes original language titles, abstracts, claims, and description sections. PatBase announced that the system developers are working on the further expansion of these collections.

In addition to the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean full-text collection enhancements, the February update brought lots of other enhancements to Asian records in PatBase. It enhanced the Chinese and Taiwanese collection with bibliographic records for both utility models and unexamined patents, including an English machine translated abstract or claim wherever possible. The update also added Korean utility models and unexamined patent applications back to January 2007. In addition, PatBase announced a plan to add Korean bibliographic data within just a few days of publication, together with an English machine translated abstract (to be replaced by the official English abstract when it is issued). The system also announced plans to begin adding data for the Indian patent collection.

Furthermore, the system announced that many more original language abstracts, along with their English machine translations, have been added to bibliographic records in PatBase. Thousands of original language abstracts in Swedish, Portugese, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese were added to the database, and English machine translations were added for all but the Swedish records. Additionally, the February update included an announcement that unpublished application data from the European Patent Office’s DOCDB file would be included in PatBase, including records of unpublished applications from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Brazil, Australia, Israel and the UK. The purpose of this data is to notify users that applications have been filed, and publications are on their way.

Finally, the release also introduced a new viewer for alerts, new search commands, an “offline” export feature, and the addition of searchable Locarno and German DEKLA classifications (in addition to the US, IPC, ECLA and Japanese F-I/F-term classifications that were available before the update).

May 2007

A May 2007 update added new English-language classification definitions for Japanese F-terms and F-Index classes, to help users search more effectively within the Japanese classification system. The same update also included machine translation tools to convert document text to and from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French German and Portuguese languages.


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