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Available Patent Databases

Full Text Databases

The vast majority of records (or “answers”) within the STN databases contain bibliographic information, sometimes an abstract, and sometimes drawings or images. Most do not contain full text information. For these files, STN will direct the user to an external website where the full text document can be purchased (see the Document Delivery section). For more information on any database mentioned, or to see the full range of databases, see the STN Database Summary Sheets homepage.

Some STN data files do contain full text documents, such as USPATFULL, USPAT2, USPATOLD, PATDPAFULL, EPFULL, FRFULL, GBFULL, PCTFULL, AUPATFULL, CNFULL, and CANPATFULL, which all contain full text patent documents from their respective issuing authorities.

The PNTTEXT database cluster consists of the full text patent databases available through STN (and RDISCLOSURES, which contains technical disclosures). The following databases are included in the PNTTEXT cluster:[1]


AUPATFULL (Australia Patents Full Text)
More than 1.13 million records from 1964 to the present, with more than 100 pre-1964 records; updated weekly.
CANPATFULL (Canadian Patents Full Text)
More than 1.9 million records from 1920 to the present; updated weekly.
CNFULL (China Patents Full Text)
More than 4.5 million records from 1985 to the present; updated weekly.
EPFULL (European Patents Full Text)
More than 3.1 million records from 1978 to the present; updated weekly.
FRFULL (French Patents Full Text)
More than 2.29 million records from 1902 to the present; updated weekly.
GBFULL (United Kingdom Patents (GB) Full Text)
More than 2.28 million records from 1855 to the present, including both applications (since 1978) and granted patents; updated weekly. Full text is comprehensive back to 1859, and is incomplete for earlier years.
PATDPAFULL (German Patent Applications)
More than 2.65 million records from 1981 to the present; updated weekly.
PCTFULL (WIPO/PCT Patents Full Text)
More than 1.87 million records from 1978 to the present; updated weekly. PCTFULL documents with non-Latin filing languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian) are enhanced with descriptions and claims in English machine translation for search and display. The text in original language is displayable.[2]
RDISCLOSURE (Research Disclosures)
40,643 records (technical disclosures) from 1960 to present; updated monthly and reloaded every 6 months.
USPAT2 (United States Patents and Applications Full Text)
More than 1.1 million records from 2001 to the present; updated twice weekly.
USPATFULL (United States Patents Full Text)
More than 6.0 million records from 1975 to the present and partial coverage of selected technologies from 1971-1974; updated twice weekly and US Patent Classifications updated bimonthly.
USPATOLD (United States Patents Full Text)
More than 3.6 million records from 1790 to 1975; static record, US Classification information is updated bimonthly.

Partial Text Patent Databases

Many other files on STN contain bibliographic and abstract data for patent documents. The sections below detail three other notable files on STN that are commonly used for patent searching. All three of these files are notable not only for their extensive patent content, but also because they are major sources of patent family information.

For a full list of databases avaialble on STN, including some with mixed patent and scientific literature content, see the STN Database Summary Sheets homepage.


In some cases, the patent content within a database may be mixed in with other scientific and technical publications. This is the case with the CAplus collection. This file is a widely used collection of the world's scientific and technical literature related to chemistry, and it is indexed by CAS Registry number, which means it is structure-searchable when used in combination with the REGISTRY file on STN. Users can search for generic structures through CAplus when used in combination with the MARPAT file. CA/CAplus also includes patent examiner citations for CA, EP, GB, DE, JP, and FR documents.[3] See the CAplus article to learn more about this file.


The Derwent World Patents Index (files WPIDS/WPINDEX/WPIX in STN) is a collection of patent data that consists of "first-level" bibliographic and abstract information, as well as hand-written expert summaries of the patent documents (called Derwent Abstracts). The file started as a current awareness service for pharmaceuticals, but it has grown to include other technology areas, including mechanical and electrical engineering. It is indexed by chemical structure in a different way than CAplus, involving both Derwent registry numbers and what are known as "fragmentation codes." See the Derwent World Patents Index article to learn more about this file.


The INPADOCDB file is an implementation of the EPO's INPADOC database on STN. This file is a worldwide collection of bibliographic and abstract data from over 90 countries and patenting authorities, and counting. The patent offices provide this data to the European Patent Office (EPO), which collects the data and licenses it to many commercial patent search providers. Accessing STN via command line allows users to search this file in more depth than is usually allowed on other commercial providers. See the INPADOC article to learn more about this file and its contents.


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