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Managing Search Histories

In STN Express, transcripts are automatically saved to the user’s hard drive. From within STN Express, transcripts may be browsed or printed from the STN Online and Results menu/toolbar. Users can also create a separate PDF or RTF file in STN Express which summarizes a session's search history (including structure and sequence queries), called a Query Summary File.[1] Once a user completes their search, they must enter DISPLAY HISTORY FULL or DISPLAY HISTORY NOF. Then the user selects from the "Query" drop-down menu "Create Query Summary File." The user must then specify the file name and file format before creating the query summary.

Create a Query Summary File on STN Express.

In STN on the Web, transcripts may be saved in HTML, RTF (Rich Text Format), or Adobe PDF format. The transcript contains a copy of the text of the entire STN session. To view a transcript from STN on the Web, users must first download it from the STN on the Web server to their PC. There are two ways to download a transcript in STN on the Web. One is to click the Retrieve Transcript link right after the user logs off STN, and the other is to use the Transcript Assistant during the online session. For data security reasons, the user must be logged on to STN on the Web to view or download transcripts through the Transcript Assistant.

In STN Easy, a transcript is referred to as a "Search History." Search histories are kept for all STN Easy sessions for at least 4 days.[2]

Search histories show:

  • Date and time of the session
  • Category searched
  • Search query
  • Details of answers from the Display page

Note: Lists of Answers are not saved as part of the history.

As in STN on the Web, search histories are available in HTML, RTF, and Portable Document Format (PDF).

To access a search history, the user should first start the STN Easy session then click Search History on the Navigation Frame. A list of search histories available is displayed. The history for the most recent session is displayed in HTML format. To view the history in PDF or RTF format, or to view a history for a previous session, the user would click the appropriate HTML, RTF, or PDF link.


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