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Discover! Wizards and Assistants

Acknowledging that the command language interface of STN Express and STN on the Web can be complex and perhaps overwhelming to new users, STN provides "Discover! Wizards" (STN Express) and "Assistants" (STN on the Web) that help users accomplish basic tasks without needing advanced knowledge of the STN command language.

The Database Selection Wizard in STN Express guides users.

In STN Express, there are multiple Discover! Wizards, with each providing the user assistance relating to a different type of task. STN Express offers:

  • Search wizards for step-by-step guidance in conducting searches
  • Results wizards for displaying, analyzing, and visualizing search results
  • Wizards for linked terms such as CAS Registry Numbers or patent numbers for retrieving additional information.

The Select Discover! Wizard window should be automatically displayed upon logging into STN Express. From this window the user can select which, if any, Discover! Wizard to use.

The Select Discover! Wizard window is displayed upon logon to STN Express.

The Select Discover! Wizard may also be displayed at any time by clicking the Discover! Wizard icon on the main toolbar. The tables below describe the Search and Result Wizards available in STN Express:[1]

Search Wizard Command Function
Select Database Selects a database on STN
Author Finds references by author (including inventor) name in the current file(s)
Chemical Name Locates information about a substance by using its chemical name
Subject Finds references by subject area
Edit alert Modifies an existing current-awareness alert (SDI)
Upload Query Uploads sequence or structure to STN
Corporate Source Finds references by corporate source (author or inventor affiliation) in the current file(s)
Refine Refines search results by parameters such as publication year or language
CAS Registry Number Locates information about a substance by using its CAS Registry Number in the current file(s).
Get Related Polymers Searches for related polymers
Get Related Sequences Searches for related sequences
Create Single-file SDI Creates current-awareness alerts (SDI) in a single file

Results Wizard Command Function
Analyze Plus Analyzes, groups, cross-tabulates, and creates an interactive worksheet of terms from one or two fields of an answer set
Analyze Analyzes and charts terms from one or two fields of an answer set (no grouping of data)
Display Displays retrieved answers
Go to L-number Displays the search statement for the L-number
Save Saves answers, queries, or L-numbers on STN
Save R-group data Saves R-group data for displaying in R-group Analysis Table
Review Saved Items Displays, deletes, or assigns L-numbers to saved items
Save for SciFinder Saves the data from a search in CAplus, REGISTRY, or MEDLINE for use in SciFinder
Save for STN AnaVist Saves the data from a search in supported files for use in STN AnaVist
Create CAS Registry Numbers & Role Report Creates an interactive spreadsheet of CAS Registry Numbers and their CAS Roles from a search of the CA/CAplus database or CAS REGISTRY
Create L# from STN AnaVist Uses a Saved for STN AnaVist .xta file to create a final L-number that has all the functionality of an L-number created by using the STN SEARCH command
Display from STN AnaVist Displays records saved in STN AnaVist 2.0
Evaluate with STN Viewer Sends patent records for evaluation with STN Viewer
Patent Family Manager Creates a new L-number from the first member from each patent family, removes twin multiple basics from CA/CAplus answer sets, or allows for customized display of patent family results

Assistants in STN on the Web

STN on the Web has “Assistants” that serve the same purpose as Wizards in STN Express. Assistants can be used to search, display results, create structure drawings, set up alerts, organize patent families, search for sequences, and manage transcripts without a deep knowledge of the STN command language.

Using the Search Assistant in STN on the Web.

There is a "Patent Search Assistant" that helps the user conduct patent document specific searches. Unique here is an option for searching by an “Uncertain” number identifier, along with the options for “Patent Number” and “Application/Priority Number."

The "Patent Family Assistant" is another resource (similar to the Patent Family Manager on STN Express) that can be used "to extract the first member from each patent family, remove twin multiple basics from patent families in CA/CAplus answer sets, and customize displays of patent family results."[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 "STN Express Version 8.5 for Windows." CAS website, Accessed October 20, 2011.
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