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Secure Connections on STN

Security on STN Express

STN Express provides users with the option to encrypt the information sent over the internet using embedded software that uses the Advanced Encryptions Standard (AES) algorithm with 128 bit encryption keys. This encryption is activated in the Setup screen available from the main STN Express toolbar. Users should check the checkbox labeled “Encryption provided by RSA” to enable the secure telnet session. In STN Version 8.5, the RSA Encryption is a default setting in the Logon Setup.[1]

Users can adjust encryption options.

Instead of using the telnet port, users can also utilize Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to make a secure connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on HTTPS port 443.[2] Full instructions on how to set up an SSL-VPN connection on STN Express can be found here.

Users can also choose to connect via an SSL-VPN connection.

STN Express 8.3 and higher supports automated SSL-VPN login, according to the user guide. Users can click the logon button and select the SSS-VPN setup in order to create a secure connection. The STN Express 8.4 guide recommends that users choose either an RSA encryption or an SSL-VPN connection, instead of searching with both security features on at the same time. According to the user guide, "using both together will cause the data being sent back and forth from your PC to the STN host to be doubly encrypted and could cause a degradation of service."[3]

When working in a secure session, a small padlock icon is displayed at the bottom of the STN Express window, notifying the user that the session is secure.

When downloading full-text documents, the Secure option can be activated by the user in the Links tab within the Online and Results Preferences window.

Security on STN Easy and STN on the Web

Users can connect to STN Easy and STN on the Web using a secure server protocol (https).


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