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Analyzing Results

STN AnaVist

For analyzing results, STN provides separate Analysis Software, STN AnaVist™. Wizards are available on the STN Express platform to help users export results to and display results sets from STN AnaVist ("Save for STN AnaVist," "Create L# from STN AnaVist," "Display from STN AnaVist).[1] An STN AnaVist Assistant is also available on STN on the Web.[2] Users can analyze patent documents from "CAplus, Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), EPO, PCT, and U.S. full-text patent databases."[2] Standardization tools are available in STN AnaVist, including a company name thesaurus and use of CAS vocabulary to standardize technology terms.[2]

Users can create visual charts and graphs from data fields in result sets. Available visualization choices include Research Landscape (cluster/contour map), Key Organizations/Assignees bar graph, and Key Researchers by Publication Year Trends chart.[3]

Create cluster maps, charts, and graphs to visualize the data from patent document result sets.

Users can create custom highlighting schemes in the charts and graphs using the Highlight Manager function.[4]

Use the Highlight Manager to create custom highlighting schemes in the charts and graphs of STN AnaVist.

Custom Reports and Tables on STN Express

STN Express also offers the option of creating Reports and Tables. This feature within STN Express allows the user to create custom reports and tables, as well as predefined reports and tables. For more information on this feature, please see the Export Functions section.


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