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Viewing Full Text

In STN Express and STN On the Web, data associated with results, or “answers”, are printed to the console display in plain text. Usually this text consists of bibliographic information and an English abstract. For many patent documents, and depending on the data file being searched, the entire document text may be displayed. For most non-patent literature documents, there is also a hyperlink to view "Full Text." This link will open a web browser containing more information on how to order the full text document.

Keyword highlighting (red bold type within the STN output) identifies the occurrences of words from your search query in the retrieved records. Highlighting is available in many, but not all data files.

Keywords are seen in red text.

Similarly, in STN Easy there is a “Full-Text Options” button which will open a new browser window containing information on how to obtain a full-text copy of the result document. See the screenshot below:

The answer display includes browsing options for an additional cost.

STN Viewer

Users can select to view full-text patent documents from STN on the Web and STN Express through the STN Viewer software. In order to view full-text patent documents on STN Viewer, users can select entire L-number answer sets or individual patent documents in STN Express and select the option "Evaluate in STN Viewer." The patent documents will then appear in STN Viewer's Patent Queue.[1] An STN Viewer Assistant is also available for STN on the Web to help users extract patent documents from search results into STN Viewer.[2]

Users can sort patent document sets in STN Viewer's Patent Queue.

STN Viewer has the following features:[2][3]

  • STN Viewer is automatically launched in a user's default web browser after the user selects the option "Evaluate in STN Viewer."
  • Users can view the document title, patent country, kind code, source code, and publication year in the Patent Queue list.
  • Users can add labels, ratings, and annotations to individual documents.
  • Document sets in the Patent Queue can be sorted and filtered.
  • Users can share individual patent documents or document sets with colleagues.
  • When viewing the full-text version of an individual document, users can create custom highlighting schemes.
  • A document highlighting map is shown when scrolling through the full text of the document.
  • Users can view patent family information and legal status information through STN Viewer.

Custom highlighting options are available for full-text documents in STN Viewer.

editors note iconEditor's Note:

STN Viewer is much better suited for viewing result documents than any of the three STN search interfaces, since it allows for annotations and custom highlighting. Also see the Data Coverage section for more information regarding which data files in STN contain full text data.


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