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Pricing Policy

TotalPatent is available on a subscription or pay-per-use basis. Subscription packages are priced by private quote, based on several user criteria. TotalPatent representatives have stated that pricing for a subscription to the Semantic Search features (both search and ranking) introduced in 2009 is now automatically included in the subscription price.[1]

Pay-per-use pricing is also available for TotalPatent users, and the most up-to-date price chart can be found here on the TotalPatent help file. As of June 2012, the price chart appears as follows:[2]

Searching$75 per authority searched, up to a maximum cap of $400
Semantic Search$40.00 each time you initiate a semantic analysis by clicking the:
  • Preview Resultsbutton on the Semantic Search tab
  • Search Nowbutton on either the Semantic Search tab or the Preview Results page
  • Gobutton after selecting Narrow Search Using Semantic Concepts on a Results page
Searching machine translations$250 per search
Document deliveryStandard print rates apply. Contact your Account Representative for details.
Single document retrieval (Get a Document)$7.50 (Includes hyperlink retrievals within LexisNexis TotalPatent® results)
Work Folders

$10.00 per work folder created

$10.00 per work folder copied

Analytics$20.00 per access
AlertsOn demand, daily/weekly/monthly, with varying prices. Contact your Account Representative for details.

The following notes are also included below the price chart:[2]

  • TAXES: Charges do not include any federal, state or local sales, use, or similar taxes. If any such taxes are applicable, they will be charged to Subscriber's account.
  • PAYMENT TERMS: Subscriber agrees to pay all charges and applicable taxes within 10 days after receipt of an invoice. Amounts which have not been paid within 30 days after the invoice date will thereafter, until paid, be subject to a late payment charge at a rate equal to 15% per annum (or, if less, the maximum rate permitted under applicable law). The LN invoice will include the then-current non-sufficient funds fee for all returned checks.
  • CHANGES TO CHARGES AND DISCOUNTS: Charges and discounts may be changed only on 30 days prior notice, which notice shall be with your invoice or otherwise provided in writing.
  • COLLECTION COST: If Subscriber fails to pay charges when due, Subscriber will be liable for all costs of collection incurred by the provider of the Online Services, including without limitations, collection agency fees, reasonable attorney's fees, and court costs.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: If Subscriber issues a purchase order or other document relating to the Online Services, Subscriber agrees that the document shall be for Subscriber's internal purposes only and shall not modify or affect any of the terms or conditions for access to the Online Services.


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  2. 2.0 2.1 "Pricing." LexisNexis website, Accessed June 29, 2012.
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