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The preferences page in TotalPatent can be accessed at any time by selecting the “Preferences” option in the upper right corner of the screen, and includes customizable settings for the search form and preferred display options as well as some security settings.

The top half of the TotalPatent preferences page.

The bottom half of the TotalPatent preferences page.

Below is a discussion of the customizable settings that can be altered through the preferences page.

  • Security Settings
Users may change their password, general email address, security email address, and security question/answer by selecting this option. For more information, see the Security section.
  • Patent Authorities to Search
From the preferences page, users may select any major or minor full text authorities, or bibliographic authorities, to be automatically selected at the beginning of every search.
  • Search Results
Users can change settings to make the system display a message that allows the user to choose whether to edit their search, file 20,000 results, or view 3,000 results when their search returns a large number of results. The user can alternatively choose to be taken straight to the first 3,000 results, without the display of the message. The user can also select to display the number of results found, prior to displaying results in a list. Finally, users can change the number of results displayed per page, from 10 to 100.
  • Document Display
The default display format for search results may be selected from the options available on the results display page. These options are: Full Text, Image, Keywords In Context (KWIC), Family, Legal, Standalone PDF, Notes, and Claims. If the selected view isn't available, the Full Text view will be displayed.
  • Family Removal of Duplicate Documents
Rank authorities in a list to help the system determine determine which documents to keep if you exclude duplicate patents from your search results. Authorities available for ranking in the list include: US, EP, JP, CN, DE, WO, FR, GB, KR, CA.
  • Delivery
Select the default output format when you download, email or print documents (CSV, HTML, PDF, plain text, RTF, TSV, Word, or BPD).[1]
  • History
Choose what information about your search activity is stored in the Recent Searches section (search query, date created, result count).[1]


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