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Ulrichsweb by ProQuest is a "source of bibliographic and publisher information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types–academic and scholarly journals, Open Access publications, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more from around the world."[1] According to its website, Ulrichsweb contains customization tools like Ulrich's Alert and a Lists feature that allows users to save and share search results.[2]


Users can search through a Quick Search form in the upper right of the page, where they can search by ISSN, Keyword, Subject, Title (Exact), or Title (Keyword). Users can also use an Advanced Search form, where they can search in multiple fields and connect their search terms with Boolean operators. Users can sort their results in ascending or descending order by a number of criteria (Relevance, Country, ISSN, Price, Start Year, etc.), choose the serial's status (Active, Ceased, Forthcoming), choose specific features that the serial must possess (Online, Refereed, Abstracted/Indexed, etc.), and choose the serial type (Academic/Scholarly, Consumer, Newspaper, etc.). The advanced search also allows users to limit their search results by date, price, publisher, language, frequency, "Document Availability Through," or "Reviewed by." The last search form option is a command line interface, called "Boolean Search," where users can use parentheses, multiple search fields, Boolean operators, and truncation operators in their search.

Besides the search forms, users can browse a number of indexes for serials, such as indexes organized by Document Availability or Language. Users can also view pre-made lists by themselves or other users in their system, which they can print, download, or email.

A legend at the top of the results list indicates the meaning of certain symbols used in the search results, such a star to indicate a review or a plus sign to indicate Open Access. When users select a search result to view, they can select the basic bibliographic data or "Publishing and Ordering Information," which is under a separate tab. Ulrichsweb can be linked to a library's catalog, so users can choose "Search My Library's Catalog" when they are viewing information on a particular serial.


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